About me

Hi! My name is Mario. Tyco is my nickname. It has nothing to do with the industrial Company ‘Tyco’, which I even was not aware of, when I chose my nick decades ago.
‘Tyco’ comes from the lunar crater Tycho, the ‘location’ where some scenes of the sci-fi movie ‘2001: Space Odissey’ has been filmed:) I just removed the “h” from the name:


The health status of the biosphere and our civilization in general has pushed me to publish these pages. It seems that people have learned nothing from the past and that there is no ability to project our visions in the future. The priorities of the capitalist system don’t allow to think about nothing, except the financial “Growth”.

I hope that these pages can help someone to expand his/her horizons and to examine the things in a more rational and extended way.

I am an EU citizen currently living in Germany, but I came originally from Italy. Not, I don’t work in a restaurant or in an ice cream shop.
In Italy I got a high school graduation as electronic technician and I attended 3 years of Natural Science, without to complete the study, because I preferred to begin to work.

I am one of the very few Italians who didn’t move to Germany because I needed a job. I had a pretty good job in Italy. In year 2007, by the age of 35 I leaved Italy before it was too late, just because I recognize myself more in the German system and way of life, than in the Italian ones, since ever.
As personality, I have not much in common with Italian people. I am more similar to the Germans. Of course also the Germans, as well all the people of the world, have their flaws. But as I always say: “The Germans have few big flaws, which I can live with. The Italians have many big small flaws, which I can’t live with”.

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