Common critics to a Non-Capitalistic system

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– Fear about shortage of goods and services
The very first thought which comes to the mind of a citizen of the capitalistic system is something like this:
“What happens if nobody wants to work in the bakeries? There will be no more bread?”
No. But you will have to bake bread by yourself in your kitchen.
“Then what happens if there is no more flour, because nobody wants to work as farmer in the fields?”
You will have to cultivate wheat by yourself in your garden or balcony, to get the flour.
And so on… But since everybody would like to live in a system, where they can comfortably get some bread in the bakeries, there will be plenty of people available to work periodically in a bakery, in order that bread will be always available to everyone, included themselves. Especially the people who like very much bread, would be the first to wish to serve a period of work in a bakery.

For bread and other pleasant goods or services, there is no problem.
But what about the dirty jobs? For example, who keeps the sewers clean?
Nobody would like do that job. But nobody would like that crap flows out from his WC in his toilette!
In this system nobody would need to do this job everyday for his entire life, for a miserable pay, as it happens in the capitalistic system. Therefore, enough people would accept to serve sometime a very short period of work cleaning sewers, in order to keep also their toilette working properly. They must be not always the same people to do the job and even not every year.

All the tasks will be monitored and scheduled in advance. If it is noticed that in the next months there would be a shortage of workforce to provide a certain product or service, an alert is generated and the people will be informed, about that volunteers are needed to cover certain working turns. (In a bakery, or factory, office, etc.)
Also in the capitalistic world the problem comes, when nobody wants do a certain job, because it is no more paid enough.

– Lack of motivation to work
The second worry which comes to the mind of a capitalistic citizen is that without the rush to accumulate money, the people would have no motivation to work.
Its simply wrong. After to have read how the non capitalistic system would work, what its advantages and benefits for the 99,9% of the population are, it should be clear, why people will not suffer of lack of motivation to work periodically.
In the capitalistic system, the most of people have really no motivation to go to work except than money. They would stop to work at anytime, if only they could, right because they are forced to work for 11,5 month per year, making a job that steals their entire life. In a non-capitalist system, job doesn’t steal your life and it is always something useful. Therefore, people would be much more motivated to work periodically.

– Worry about to slow the progress of technology
In some extent this can be true, but it would be not relevant.
Without the rush to sell and accumulate money, some products would evolve less fast than now. But they would however exist, doing their job, and being available for everyone. The overall quality of life would be immensely higher than now, independently by the features of the latest technological gimmicks.

On the other way, many crucial products would evolve faster than in the capitalistic system, because the designers, the engineers and the factories will have not to ‘amortize’ Research & Development costs, before to switch the production to a more advanced version of a product… because there are no R&D costs in money to be amortized!
When the engineers are ready to start with the series production of a product, it can start immediately. They won’t need to sell millions of pieces of an already ‘surpassed’ product to cover R&D costs and to maximize the profit, before to repeat the loop with a newer version of the product.

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