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Since I was I a child, I was in love with the sea. When I was on the beach by the age of 2 years old, I crawled constantly in direction of the shoreline. My mother could not lose sight of me in any moment, or I would have been entered into the water without being capable to swim!
I was not afraid of the sea, I was not afraid of water, and of the deep water, although I was even not able to walk. I felt deeply attracted by the sea, by that enormous mass of water. I wanted see what there was on the bottom of the sea and inside of the sea. I wanted see all the inhabitants of the sea.

Although I am 48 now (2020), I remember well some of those moments. I was instinctively attracted by the sea. Instinctively I loved the sea and all its inhabitants. I wanted discover everything about it. As soon I was capable to do it, I swam wearing diving a mask and flippers, watching all the inhabitants I could see, fishes, starfishes, sea urchins, Sea morays, and others. I never fished them, I only watched and touched them when it was possible.

“Do you see all that? Everything you see on the land, from the blade of grass, trees, ants, birds, cats, dogs, humans, everything alive you see on the land, has come out from the sea. For millions of years life existed only inside of the sea. All what you see living on the land, is an extension of what there is in the water. Therefore you must have maximum respect for the sea and everything is inside. We come also from there”.

This is one of the first things that all the the parents of the Earth should teach to their children when they go to the sea with them for the first time, other of course, that all the species have the same right to live undisturbed (the basic principle of antispecism).

In the last decades I could observe how the life in the sea has decreased. All the populations have decreased in number. I can speak only for the Mediterranean sea, but it is happening everywhere.
Not enough satisfied about this, many idiots Homo Sapiens dive with their spearguns, plundering the few inhabitants which are remained, as if they would have nothing else to eat on the Earth… Really primitive and idiot people. I’m sorry but it is the truth about fishers and hunters.
It is so deplorable to see how the Homo Sapiens respectlessly treats the sea, since ever! The Homo Sapiens considers it as an infinite sewers at his disposal! He uses the sea contemporary as sewer and unlimited fishing area, for his feeding! How can the Human be more idiot? It is as to throw trash on the dish where you are eating. Aside that we don’t need to eat fish at all (see the section about veganism).

Until the Middle Ages time, when the Homo Sapiens Population was about 450 million people, there was so much fish in the sea that everywhere you threw a harpoon you would have hit a fish!
With the increasing of the Human population, the Homo Sapiens treats the sea as an infinite trash dump, for every kind of garbage, from plastic to radioactive waste. About 8 million tons of plastic every year, 21917 Kg every day end up in the sea. It has been calculated, that keeping on this way, in year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. This is the intelligence of the Homo Sapiens.

See also the Great Pacific garbage patch. See also this, and this.

Also in the Mediterranean Sea has been discovered a garbage patch, between the isles Elba (Italy) and Corsica (France)

The debt with the Sea

But why was I so attracted by the sea? Probably because in our DNA is still stored somewhere the information, that also we, land animals, come from the sea. The life on Earth has born inside of the ocean (like as probably it happens in all water-carbon biospheres, covered with oceans). For several hundred millions years, the life has existed exclusively inside of the ocean. There was nothing outside, on the land. Maybe I am more sensitive to this reminiscence in our DNA heritage.

All the land beings, included the “intelligent” Homo Sapiens have a debt with the Sea: the debt to have been born in there. The only way to pay this debt is to deeply respect the sea and all its inhabitants. Remember about it, the next time you are on a beach and you bath into the sea.

I always felt a great sense of respect for the sea and everything is inside, all of its inhabitants. Nobody taught it to me.
I always enter into the water wearing diving mask, because I like and I want see whatever is around me, but above all due to a simply reason… the sea is not a swimming pool!

Only very sporadically, I stay for a short time into the water without to can see what there is under the water, and barefooted. Normally, I never enter into the water without wearing a diving mask, flippers or at least slippers. And I would recommend everybody to do the same.
I have not the presumption that around me or on the bottom where I am walking on, there are no inhabitants of the sea. The sea is not a swimming pool. Around you, there could always be some undesired inhabitants which would be very unpleasant to get in contact to: as Jellyfishes, Sea urchins, Crabs, Weevers and other stinging inhabitants, some extremely painful.


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