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Episodes of discrimination and even violence towards gay or lesbian people are reported almost daily. It is really sad to experience that such things happens nowadays even in the civil Europe.
Periodically it returns under the spotlight of the chronicles, the theme of Homophobia with the endless debate about the rights of homosexual and transgender people.

Many uneducated people, especially in the right wig parties, are still convinced that homosexuality is a sort of illness, and even that it can be passed to the offspring. Both convictions are false.
Some people fear that an adopted child by a homosexual couple might be conditioned and could grow up as gay. Also this has been already proven as false.
In Countries where children have been given in adoption to gay couples already in the 1980’s years, it has been proven that there is no conditioning. There is no statistical difference with the other children.

These arguments and worries should be definitely take off from the table. There is nothing to be worried for.

The interesting fact is that homosexual behaviors have been discovered also among other animal species, as monkeys, dogs and especially on dolphins! This means that very likely all the mammals are affected by the phenomenon in the same extent, and probably all the sexed species (the species which have 2 separate genders) in our biosphere.
The only difference to humans, is that to observe homosexual behaviors and preferences among animals is much more difficult, because for the other animals, sexuality has not the central and social role which it has in our society and in our lives.
The other species are involved in sexuality, mostly only during the periodic heath time, driven by hormones. In the mating season, the gay specimens simply don’t interact with the other specimens, or much less than how the hetero do. In fact, the observation of homosexual behaviors in other species, is a relatively recent discover in zoology.

Since homosexual behaviors happen also among other animals, it is clear that the phenomenon exists in nature since ever. It is not something new brought by the Homo Sapiens. If homosexuality was something dangerous for the conservation of the species, there would be no more sexed species on the Earth since million of years. At least not the observed species (humans, monkeys, dolphins, dogs, and others).

The biological cause of homosexuality is mostly unknown yet. It is currently object of study, but it is clear that it is neither an illness, nor a treat. It is part of the natural process in our biosphere.
Since the scientific research is still open, I have developed a my idea about how the process might happen. The exams of zoology and phylogenesis which I sit at the faculty of natural science at university, gave me that hint.

It is well known, that all the species in our biosphere are close relatives to each others. In the most of the sexed species, the definition of the gender happens during the growth, in the same way. At least for all mammals it is exactly the same.
It is well known, that in the first phase of the embryonic development, both the female and male embryos have a common genital apparatus, which is very close to the female apparatus. It may sound incredible to whom never heard about this before, but it true. (See more clicking here, and here).

We males have de facto a female genital apparatus until the 7th week of our embryological stage.
If no change would occur, our genital apparatus would proceed to become a complete female apparatus.
But at a certain point, the male “Y” chromosome gives the order “Switch to male” and the genital apparatus begins to turn into a male apparatus.
Since males and females have also different sexual preferences and psychological characteristics, a similar change of route begins probably also in the brain.

Since this is a complex biological process, it may happen that accidental deviations from the straight way occur. “Deviations” not in the meaning of illness or something negative. It is just in the meaning of “Take another direction”.
The straight route is to develop a male genital apparatus together with a male brain, or a female genital apparatus together with a female brain. During this separation process, it might happen that something takes another direction and the route is no more straight.
So it may happen that a person develops correctly male genitalia, but his brain takes the sexual preferences of women, or vice versa. A women may get a female body and genitalia, but a brain with the sexual preferences and/or psychological characteristics of a man.

This diagram may help to understand better what may happen:


Download the scheme in PDF format or the original editable .odg file (LibreOffice Draw file format)

Naturally, also all the ‘middle ways‘ are possible, where a person likes people of both genders. A person may like both genders in the same way or a gender more that the other. It is so for the Bisex people. Also this belongs to the normality of things.
As already told, the phenomenon of homosexuality exists since the origin of our specie. If it was a kind of treat, we would be already extinct, as well many other species.

In the past, and even still today, many gay people hide their homosexuality and live a double life getting married with someone of the opposite sex and having ‘normal’ children. This also proof how homosexuality is not heritable and it is not a treat at all. It is just a biological ‘accident’ which happens constantly in nature, perhaps during the separation of genders in the embryonic development. Maybe it is due to some weak points in the process of separation of genders. But this process works enough good to assure the survival of all sexed species since millions of years, and we can’t change this process.

Some people become gay in a later age, after a hetero phase in their life. Also this belongs to the inner nature of the person. It is not because of external conditioning. Soon or later it would turn to gay.
If it looks strange, there are species which even turn their gender during their life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequential_hermaphroditism

For humans, homosexuality is actually a problem only when it happens that a person doesn’t identify him/herself with the genitalia which he/she has got. It is no more a matter of just sexual preferences toward men or women. They don’t recognize themselves in their genitalia and in their body.
It is the case of the transgender people. This is the most unlucky combination which may occur during the change of route, explained before. A transgender person has only two chooses about how to fix the problem: to change genitalia or to change mind. At the present time, our medical science can help in some way only by changing the genitalia and transforming the body.
About discrimination, the heterosexual people should ask themselves what they would do and how they would feel like, if they were in this condition. It could have happened to themselves or to their children.

Rights of homosexual people

Since the homosexuality is nothing abnormal and it is not any kind of treat for nobody, all forms of discrimination have no sense and no reasons.

Moreover, homosexuality concerns only the private sphere of a person. It doesn’t affect in any way his/her ability to work and to do any kind of tasks. Therefore, there is nothing to discuss about Rights.
It is really ridiculous that in some Countries as in Russia and even worst in the Islamic Countries, homosexuality is even prosecuted by law. It is even punished with death! This is just another evidence of the stupidity of the Homo Sapiens.

Adoptions of children to gay couples… yes or not?

Short answer: “Yes and Not”.

A very hot theme is whether to grant or not, the Right to adopt children to gay couples. This question is also politically very misused.
Well, about this theme there is a huge misunderstanding in the background. It doesn’t exist the RIGHT to adopt a child and play the role to be parents. To adopt a child is not a RIGHT, either for heterosexual and homosexual people.

To become father or mother is not a right, for nobody. In no way!
To become father or mother is a matter of choice. If to have sex with someone of the opposite gender is not compatible with your preferences, you don’t make children. It’s easy and simple. Don’t worry, the world will survive also without your children. There are already too much people who make them. You can do a lot of other more useful things in your life. To become mother or father is not a must in life, and it is not a right.

To be adopted is a right by the side of the child! Each orphan child has the right to be adopted.
Since normally a child would grow up with two parents of both genders, orphan children should be given in adoption to couples composed with both genders. For the same reason, also single persons should not get children in adoption.

If a child could choose between to get 2 lovely parents of the same gender and 2 lovely parents of both genders, any child would prefer the mixed combination, as all the children around him/her normally have.
If it is possible, to grow up with parents of both genders is always an advantage, because the child gets accustomed to live close also to a person of the opposite gender. The child gets more easily familiarity with it and with all the peculiar characteristics of the opposite gender. Of course it is not a mandatory condition to grow up well, but it is a “nice to have”.

It is not under discussion that a gay couple can be better parents than a hetero couple. It is obvious that they can be.
The concern is only that to be adopted is a right of the child, not a right of the adoptive couple.

When is the answer “yes” to gay couples and singles?

If the choice is between to let grow up a child in an orphanage or to be adopted by a gay couple, of course the very best choice is the gay couple, no doubt at all about this. It would be anyway a much more familiar, caring and lovely context where to grow up. Even a single adoptive parent would be preferably than to grow up in an orphanage.

Therefore, if there are more orphan children than good hetero couples applying for adoption, there is no reason to don’t give children in adoption to gay couples, and at very last, to single persons. Once again, to become parents is not a right. To be adopted, yes.


If all those gay couples which wants have children at all costs would be smart, there would be a simple and faster workaround, than to struggle with authorities for an adoption. A gay couple could get in contact with a gay couple of the opposite gender and the 2 male partners impregnate the 2 female partners. It is not necessary to have a sexual intercourse, one syringe is all what they need…
After the birth, the biological parents would recognize legally their child and under common agreement each couple will grow up one of the 2 children. It is their right to decide with which parent the child will grow up, because they are the biological parents.
If each couple wants have 2 children, they repeat the impregnation.

Of course, it would be good that the national law would recognize as parent, the partner who is not the biological parent of the child. As it allowed for the hetero couples, where one partner has had already a child.
For gay women who want become single mothers, it is enough that they ask for help to a gay or hetero friend, asking him to give them a syringe with his seminal fluid. It should be not difficult to obtain as help. (Note that I am strongly against the choice to become single mother anyway, for hetero and gay women in the same way)

I hope that this page can help somebody to stop being homophobe. There is no reason to be.

Thanks for reading,

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