Capitalism and Coronavirus COVID-19

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Between March and May 2020 we assisted to another miserable Show about the madness of the capitalistic system. I really wonder why nobody relevant on the mass media has been catch in the doubt “Oh, is it not perhaps that Capitalism is not a good system?”.
Nobody on the mass media had been catch in this doubt, not because of secret conspiracies which want prevent the widespread of the truth about Capitalism…
The reason is that we all are so accustomed to think that Capitalism is so good, the only and the best possible system, that we are living totally blind. Now we are unable to think about any alternative to this system.

But by the way, what did happen with the COVID-19 Coronavirus? …Nothing! Really NOTHING relevant happened to the system!!

For about 3 months only (at least in Europe), the production and sale of not immediately necessary goods and services has been suspended. Just temporary suspended!
It didn’t happen no war, no destruction! All the raw and human resources were still there, at their place, just waiting to be employed again!
Only the production of the not necessary stuff had been temporary paused. In a non-capitalistic system it would have been no problem at all!!
Instead, in the capitalistic system it looked like that it was happening the End Of The World!! The economists cried every day on TV because people could not continue to purchase all that crap useless stuff, stopping to move numbers between bank accounts! It’s incredible! Just this is the problem of our world!

And now, we will have to work even more hard as slaves, I don’t know for how many years, just to bring back the numbers of money to the pre-virus times! But nothing material changed in the system!
All that is another demonstration of the madness of the Capitalistic System. How is it possible that apparently nobody had been catch in doubt?

An intelligent system can’t run in crisis only because the consumption of goods decreases, while all the rest is still the same! (Raw materials, factories, working power)

In a non-capitalistic system based on shared work and without monetary economy, it would have happened really nothing! Just pause what is not necessary, and after the pause everything restarts as before. Isn’t it elementary?

I write it again:

An intelligent system runs in crisis when the PRODUCTION of necessary goods is no more sufficient. Not when the CONSUMPTION of goods decreases.

Just two words… Poor Capitalism!

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