Degrowth, this misunderstood

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Degrowth is an unavoidable process in our coming future, if we don’t want burn our planet, and it is an essential element of the transition to a more sustainable system. It is a very misunderstood and misused word. The capitalistic followers scream terrorized every time they hear this magic word “Degrowth“… claiming that it means “Live poorer“. False!
Don’t confuse the monetary growth, with the quality of life. They are not directly connected under all aspects.
Degrowth means “Live happy with what you really need“. If “What you really need” is to change smartphone every year with a newer one which does basically the same things as the older one, yes, degrowth means probably live poorer 🙂

Degrowth means:
– Produce only what you really need.
– Produce it only once and in the quantity you need (no planned obsolescence).
– Don’t produce unnecessary garbage gadgets just because you need to “sell” something.
– Reuse products more than possible, before to finally recycle all their materials.

Did you notice that all these elementary concepts are good for the biosphere and they don’t stop the natural progress of technology? If somebody argues that these concepts are harmful because they damage the monetary “growth” and slow the “progress” of technology, has serious mental problems, or lives in an imaginary world!
The capitalist people completely ignore what the claimed “growth” is, and why it seems to be an indispensable process in our system. I have explained it in the page about why capitalism is a madly crazy, unsustainable system.

If you want see an example about how the supporters of the capitalistic “growth” have understood really nothing about the Degrowth and are spreading fake news, read this article on the Boston Herald. Really laughable.
If you want know more about what Degrowth really is, read this page, on the site.

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