Non-Specist Constitution

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How would the Constitution in a Non-Specist world look like? It would look like this:

Constitution of a Non-Specist world

1) Every living animal specimen belongs to the category “Inhabitant of the biosphere”.

2) Each inhabitant of the biosphere has the right to live undisturbed and in its natural environment.

3) The animal specie which has exited from the food chain, being capable of rational thinking, has the duty to minimize the impact of its activities on the biosphere, to take care about the health status of the biosphere, and to don’t alter the life of the other species.

The amendments 1,2,3 have the following fundamental consequences:

1. It is forbidden to kill any kind of animal, as well humans, except not in case of immediate and extreme self defense, and only if there is no other way to get the attacking specimen temporary inoffensive.
2. Any kind of cruelty, suffering and exploiting of animals is forbidden.
3. Animals which enter in places where they are not desired or where they should not stay, have to be gently transferred to other suitable places for them, without to be killed. Insects included.
4. Populations of species which have not enough natural predators have to be controlled through spaying. Regardless of costs in money.
5. Humans must provide first aid to any other inhabitant of the biosphere which is found in necessity of help, or when it is involved in accidents related to the human activity (for example, car accidents).
6. Crimes against animals are subjected to the same penalties applied to humans. Penalties are proportional to the heaviness of the crime.

Under a such constitution there would be practically also no more killing among the humans, because also humans are animals.
Since there is no more ground discrimination between species, there would be no discrimination also among different races of humans.

About the point 6.
As ground principle, who consciously kills a sentient animal is subjected to a sentence to lifetime jail, as if he/she killed a human. This should be actually applied also in our specist world, because if someone is able to kill or torture an animal, it means that he/she would be able to do the same things to a human, if only the law would not punish him/her, or if that crime is not punished by law.
This is what happens during all genocides and war crimes, where some soldiers kill civil people just for fun, just because in that circumstances they know that they could not be caught in the act and be prosecuted. Or because to kill that specific category of people is even not considered a crime at all, by law. Like during the ‘ethnic cleaning’ operations.
For this reason, who kills an animal has to be considered socially dangerous, in the same way as if he/she would have killed a human.

Theoretically yes, under a Non-Specist loyal system, if someone deliberately kills an insect just for fun is liable to be sentenced to lifetime jail. But since in the practice, insects are very frequently subjected to be inadvertently killed by other walking animals, the good sense would suggest to don’t apply a lifetime sentence at the first time the crime is committed. However the culprit would be sentenced to jail for a sufficient period time (weeks or months), sufficient to persuade a reasonable person to don’t commit that crime again.
But if the culprit gets caught to commit the same crime other times, he/she could be finally get a lifetime jail, because as explained before, he could be able to do the same thing to people, if the circumstances would allow him/her to do it without to be punished.

These concepts may sound absurd, but they aren‘t. For all the people who have understood that all the animals would live exactly as we want, it is an obvious law.

Of course in a Non-Specist society, the people would live 100% Vegan.

Even the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, in the Middle Ages reached the natural conclusion that:

…and that:

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) in more recent times told:


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