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Why Childfree

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Childfree is the movement of people who conscientiously decide to don’t make children in their life. I am one of these. I am not childless, I am childfree.

In the modern times, all the problems which afflict the Homo Sapiens and the whole biosphere, are directly or indirectly caused by the overpopulation of the Human specie.
World hunger, poverty, environmental destruction, air and water pollution, mass extinction of the other species, depletion of raw resource, climate change are all caused primarily by the excessive number of inhabitants of Homo Sapiens, in addition to the laws of the capitalistic system, which the Homo Sapiens has invented.

In year 2020 there are about 7,5 billions of Homo Sapiens specimens on the Earth. Only about 1 billion of them live well in “good” conditions. The other 6,5 billions are waiting to can rise their consumption at the same level of the well-living 1 billion and they are working to get it.
Well guys, there is NO WAY to sustain a population of 7,5 billions of homo sapiens in a sustainable way. Too much resources would be required, regardless of which type. They would need too much paper (trees) to replace plastic in the production of all the “sustainable” packaging materials. They would need too much oil to as well. They would need too much palm oil, corn oil, olive oil, wheat, soy, cotton, too much of anything!

All the problems and the shortage of everything will increase in the next 50-100 years, and they can only increase. Who makes children today will give them a really shit future in a dying (or at least declining) biosphere. Less people will be on the Earth in 50-100 years, more easy will be for them to solve the problems.

When I was young, I would like to live in the future, to see how the world have looked like. Now, I am happy that in 50-100 years I will be no more alive. I will not see how the world will look like and how the biosphere will be destructed. Probably, all the animal species which are endangered today, will be extincted. I don’t want see in which condition the oceans will be and the few remaining life inside of them. I am happy, that I didn’t make children to give them this future in even more overpopulated Earth. And no, don’t worry, the Homo Sapiens will never get extincted because there is not enough people who make children. It will never happen. There is more than enough time to plan it and make children is one of the more easy thing in nature. To give them a good planet where to live, is another kind of job.

No other mammal specie with a body weight of about 70Kg has ever had a population in the range of billions, even when the Homo Sapiens not yet existed, and they live well since millions of years. The laws of nature are valid also for the Homo Sapiens. Since the Homo Sapiens naturally wants to live more comfortably than in the wild, the unavoidable consequence is that the human population should not exceed 1 billion people, or better, 500 millions. Are they not enough to satisfy the EGO of the Homo Sapiens, the self perceived masterpiece of the universe? If we were 1 billion people, all of us would live well, without destroying the planet (if we switch to renewable energies and materials of course). Nobody would die because of hungry, nowhere in the world, because there would be no human population where there is not enough food to sustain it. Isn’t it simple?
Yes it is simple, and for an “intelligent” specie, which knows how babies are born, it should be even easier to keep its reproduction rate under control. But it isn’t. Since the Homo Sapiens is not intelligent as it assumes to be, it is too difficult to understand.

If you take a look to the graphic of the human population and the history books, you find that the Homo Sapiens began to harm considerably the biosphere when its population raised the 0,5 billion people, at the end of the Middle Ages. Despite there were no industrial activities, the human population was already enough invasive to shrink the habitats of other species, bringing them to decline up to extinction.
Since a specimen of modern Homo Sapiens consumes much more resources than another animal of the same weight, I would say that 500 million people on the Earth would be enough, and all them well-living, if they are intelligent. Keeping the population anyway below 1 billion.

In year 1800 we were about 1 billion people, spread all over the world. Were we not enough to build a civilization? We started destroying the biosphere with the begin of the “industrial revolution” and the parasitic reproduction rate of our population, which resulted. Too bad, that:
The level of a civilization is not proportional to the number of its inhabitants, but to the level of the average quality of life, included the life of the whole biosphere.

The Homo Sapiens has exited from the food chain. It belongs no more to the ecosystem and has no more a natural role inside of it. There are no more other species or environmental factors which keep our population under control, like it happens to any other specie. Even lions, tigers and bears (the so called “Alpha predators”) have predators which eat their cubs, limiting their reproduction rate, and the natural mortality rate of cubs because of the missing of health cares is much higher than in the human population.
Therefore it is obvious that there is no need for the Homo Sapiens that each couple of humans generates other 1-2 kids in their life. It is an increasing loop which brings to the destruction of the biosphere, and we are already in the middle of the path.
I would say that in order to keep the human population constant around 0,5-1 billion people, it would be enough that only 1 couple of 10 couples would make 2 children.
But the most of the Homo Sapiens are still so primitive minded that they really think that it is required that each couple of Homo Sapiens makes children, to ensure the survival of the specie! It is simply ridiculous. Especially the women are still so heavy under the effect of their primitive maternal instinct, that the most of women can’t even imagine to live without to become “mothers”. Many women need even to get new kids when they get married with a new partner. Women who discover that they are barren get mad, instead to be happy.

Even in the “modern” occidental culture, to have children is still considered almost a must in life. But not, it isn’t a must at all, and it is not making children that gives a “sense” to life.

There are so many things in life which a person could dedicate to, instead to make children and play the role of parents.

In my adolescence, I had the project to get children in my future too, but observing and knowing better the world and how it works, I changed idea soon. For me, as man, it was not difficult. It was the more logic and the right choice. I have also no particular paternal instinct and I see nothing magic or special in children or babies. They are just small people, which 15-16 years after, they will be adult humans like all the others. They will be not necessary “better” just because they are “mine”. I see also many idiot, jerky people who are born from admirable parents. A reason more to don’t run the risk 🙂

I would let that only the people who really have the passion about to grow up a family, the few people who really feel that it is their mission, make children. But not all of these people should do it. Remember the objective to keep the human population around 1 billion people. Then how would it be decided who could have children and who could not? Read the page about how to improve the specie. It is nothing bad as it might sound.


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