Parasitic civilizations

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As mentioned by the physician Michio Kaku, some scientists hypothesize the existence of 3 types of civilizations (the Kardashev scale):

Type 1: They are so “developed” and their population is so bulky, that they suck the whole energy available on their planet. (We are going to be of type 1)

Type 2: They are so many people, that they suck the whole energy produced by their star, building a huge grid of solar cells all around their star. They build infinite cities on a grid of rings with diameter of millions of kilometers! (See the ‘Dyson Spheres‘ and similar ideas) 


Type 3: Finally, they suck the whole energy of their galaxy.

These are the ambitions of parasitic specie… Then why not to add even the Type 4? They are so many people, that they suck the energy of the entire universe!

Well guys, I think that the narcissist Homo Sapiens, with his oversized EGO is completely out of track about what an evolved specie is. If these are not the ambitions of a parasitic specie, I don’t know a better example.
I think there is no need to explain why to live well there is no need to produce a parasitic population of an infinite number of persons and occupying an infinite number of planets. This is only the need of the narcissist Homo Sapiens to satisfy his sick EGO.

The presence of such huge grids around the stars of civilizations of type 2, would be easily detected by our telescopes, detecting the periodic small variations of light during the rotation of these grids around the star. Therefore some Homo Sapiens scientists state:

“If we don’t see Dyson spheres around stars, it means that there are not other civilizations”

No, dear Homo Sapiens. It means at least that here are not other parasitic civilizations! And remember that:

The greatness of a civilization is not proportional to the number of its inhabitants, but to the level of the average quality of life, included the life of the whole biosphere.

Some paranoid American scientists, like the great physician Stephen Hawking warned about that sending messages like Arecibo could be dangerous, because other advanced civilization could get aware about our existence, and exterminate us to occupy our planet (like the parasitic aliens of the Holliwood movie “Independence Day” did). The Americans are particularly paranoid about the danger of invasions, because it is exactly what they would do to other civilizations, if just they could.
No, I have not this fear. I think that if to exterminate another specie is the only remained way to continue to survive, any really intelligent and advanced specie would simply accept that its time is finished and they would accept without problems to get extinguished. And it would happen without suffering, they would simply stop to reproduce themselves, until the lasts of them die naturally. They will leave free place to other species. In the universe, each specie is unique, but no specie is indispensable.
When the universe will reach its end of life, I don’t think that the existing civilizations will make star wars among each others stealing the last habitable planets for them, until the final unavoidable end comes. They will simply stop to reproduce themselves, before that their last habitable planet becomes uninhabitable.

I am pretty sure that civilizations which have survived hundreds of millions, or billions of years more than us, can’t be parasitic civilizations. Otherwise, our planet would have been already occupied, much time before the Homo Sapiens appeared.



I don’t give for granted that there are other civilizations in the galaxy, since I have no evidence. I assume only that it is very plausible that we are not the only civilization and that the other civilizations eventually existing are much older than us. I just don’t give for granted that these civilizations would be interested in getting in contact with the Homo Sapiens.

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