The Venus Project

In the 1960’s – 70’s years, the American futurist and social engineer Jacque Fresco (1916-2017) already thought to an alternative system to Capitalism, based on the principle of
shared resources.
The Venus Project is one of the very few projects, which is trying to realize a new system in the reality. They are building a research as first brick for their project to build a futuristic city in Florida (USA).

For more information, you can take a look at the Wikipedia page about him:

and to the official Home Page of the Venus Project:

For sure it is an interesting project. But it doesn’t look to me, to be a good starting point.
First of all, it needs to collect a huge amount of money to build that city. I think it is the first wrong prerequisite to start a system which should be not based on a monetary economy.

As second concern, this first futuristic city will be inhabited as first by all those engineers and very high qualified people who designed everything for the city. It would make of it, a city for an ‘elite’ of people. Not really the best starting point for a system based on equity. But maybe I am wrong about this detail. Maybe some member of the Venus Project can tell us more.

But anyway, I think that starting with building a new city is not the proper way to realize the new system. There is no need of a new city at all on the Earth.
To live in a non-capitalistic way is just a matter of culture, not a matter of city. It is just matter of to change the way of life, change the priorities and to use in a different way, all what already exists. Why to waste physical resources and space to build one more city?
If only people would become aware about for what they are going to work everyday in the capitalistic system, what money and the ‘financial economy’ really are, everything would be much more easier.

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