What about Brexit?

From 1st February 2020, finally the UK is officially no more a member of the European Union.
Well… I feel sorry for those few British people who truly believe in the political project of the EU, and not like the Scottish people, who wanted to stay in the EU just to sell their Whiskey without custom taxes!

But as proud and enthusiast EU citizen, I am very happy that UK has leaved!

For 3 reasons:

1) Since its joining, UK impeded and blocked all improvements of the unification process of the EU.

2) UK joined the EU, explicitly only to exploit the advantages of the common market, giving back less as possible. UK didn’t want any progress in the political unification of the EU.

3) UK got even 4 additional unjustified privileges, which were not granted to any other member (not all the 4 privileges together)
– Exception to the Schengen area.
– Exception to the Euro currency area.
– UK justice system was not subjected to the EU court.
– Reduced financial contributes to be devolved to EU.

Yes, each EU nation and every new applicant member (Albania, Turkey, etc.) wants join the EU just to exploit its benefits, but none did it in a so arrogant and heavy extent as UK did.
It is not due to financial reasons that a Country should decide to enjoy a community like the EU, but because of political reasons as first. A new member should enjoy only if it agrees with the political project of an UE always more united in the future.

So… bye bye UK. I am very happy that you leaved. A community doesn’t need members like you. Maybe in 20-30 years you will apply to rejoin, but only if you will be mature to share the project of this community, and without all the unjustified privileges which you had.
Nevertheless, I can understand well the main reason of the leavers to vote for Brexit. The huge immigration from the EU… but they chose the wrong way to solve the problem. For more info abut this, please visit the page about Immigration.

Here the integral video of the session of the EU Parliament in Brussels on 29th January 2020 during the approval process of the Brexit proposal, immediately before that the Coronavirus emergengy exploded. What an historical day it was.

Integral video of the session of the EU Parliament in Brussels on 29th January 2020. Note that the moderator of the session on that day was a Irish member, then she was not enthusiast…
Touching moments during the speech of the UK parliamentary member Mrs Molly Katerine Scott Cato. Here the video with subtitles.

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