Cats and Dogs

The world is divided in only 2 categories of persons: Cat people and Dog people

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Hybrid people who like both in the same way are a restricted category:)

Since ever I am a friend of all animals. When I was a child I liked cats and dogs in the same way. In the village in the campaign where my grandparents lived, I had the chance to know closely the both species. I liked to make cats purr, but if I could have the chance to own a pet, I would have liked to get a dog. We had no pets in our apartment in the city where we lived, and my parents wanted no pets, especially a dog, due to heavier engagement it requires, in taking it outdoor 2 times a day to relief itself.

For many years as child I wanted to have a dog… but why? I wanted actually someone or something I could command. Something I could give commands and satisfying me seeing how quickly and happily it obeys to me. Something that comes quickly when I call it, and do similar things… I requested many times to my parents to get a dog, but there was noting to do.

Growing up, I realized how this desire was only due to the childish reaction to the hierarchy and education, as normally all the children are subjected to.
As child naturally, I had to obey to my parents, to do what they told, although I never was an obedient child 🙂 But I was exposed to this pressure anyway, so I desired to own a pet with which I could play the role of the master. An animal which would be dependent by me as I was dependent by my parents.

But growing up, I appreciated always less any kind of relation based on hierarchy, submission or on the master-slave concept. I appreciated always more the equal relationships, where the both parties are on the same level. This is exactly what a relation with a cats is.
I don’t care and don’t mind at all which specie is more “intelligent” from the Human point of view (ability in problem solving and availability to execute commands). I am interested in how the animal behaves toward all what is around it: persons, other animals, everything.

On average, the Dog People are people with a more authoritarian and hierarchical personality. They satisfy themselves seeing how their pet readily reacts to their commands and how it is psychologically addicted to their owner. The dogs’ owners always praise these attitudes of their pets, when they talk about them. They are very proud and happy about that.

The ground misunderstanding in the Dog-Human relationship is that what is called “love and devotion” is really nothing else than hierarchic submission and psychological addiction to the owner (considered as the top dog”). I find the Dog-Human relationship very depressive. I get no satisfaction in seeing an animal doing what I tell it to do. I don’t like to have a such relationship either with an animal, either with a human. So that’s why I am a cat person.

The fact that the dog can be trained with food rewards to do anything, from drug-sniffing to rescue dogs, doesn’t make of it automatically an interesting specie. Surely it is a useful specie at service of the wishes of the Human.
The funny part about the Dog People is that they hate cats right because cats can’t be commanded and subjugated, but none of the dog people would like to live like a dog. Even not at the place of their own dog! The dog people would absolutely prefer to live as a cat, if they had to choose. The expression “A dog’s life” is never used to indicate a desirable life, based on freedom.

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