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Many people are persuaded that Veganism makes sense only if you live 100% vegan. Nothing could be more false!
Of course, for those people who can live 100% vegan, without any longing for the taste of meat, it is very good for them, and it is very admirable.
But we have to be realistic. To think that the mass of the world population could turn to live 100% vegan in a short or middle term of time, is not realistic.

Now, it makes no material difference if a small minority of people drops its meat consumption to 0%. It makes no significant difference in the quantity of animals which are killed.
…But if more people reduce their meat consumption of 90-95%, for example from 65 Kg (EU average) to 4-8 kg per year, it would make a huge difference on the health and life of these people, and it would have a huge impact on the demand of meat. The number of the killed animals would drop to 5-10%.
And as last phase, when the major part of the population will live 90-95% vegan, we will be more ready to reduce the consumption of meat to zero.

Before that moment, it makes no sense to struggle trying to persuade people to renounce completely to eat meat. For the most of people its actually impossible to renounce completely to taste meat for the whole rest of their life, because they are accustomed to taste meat since their birth! They are addicted to it. It has become like a drug.
Meanwhile, for everybody is possible to decrease the meat consumption of 90-95%, because they would not renounce forever to the taste of meat.

90% vegan, the right and feasible way for everyone

To reduce the 90-95% of meat consumption is possible for everyone, instead. Live 90% vegan, means that meat, eggs, milk and cheese are cut out from the basis of your feeding. That food becomes an occasional delight, just like a piece of cake with cream. You would eat meat only occasionally, when you feel the need to taste it again. Or also, when you are in a restaurant and there is nothing good vegan on the menu, or not for a fair price.

There is no reason to feel guilty when you eat occasionally some meet or cheese, while all the other people around you eat a quantity 10-20 times than you!
There is also no reason to feel guilty if you are not able to stop to eat meat completely, for the rest of your life, after that you have been made addicted to its taste since your birth. It’s not your blame.
With all efforts, not all people are able to give a definitive cut with meat. If children would not be grown up tasting meat, the adults would not be addicted to meat.

I am 90-95% vegan. I eat meat sporadically, usually no more than 1 time every 1 or 2 weeks. Sometime even 3 weeks. Meat and animal products belong no more to the base of my feeding, so much that I need to take a B12 integrator, otherwise I run in deficiency of B12 vitamin. It means that for my body, my 90-95% vegan diet works.

Consider that for the first 39 years of my life I have eaten meat by 2 meals a day. If could become 90-95% vegan, everyone can do it!
If the most of people would be 90% vegan, the industrial production of meat and animal products would collapse (and I don’t care about unnecessary job places and about the numbers of money. See my section about the non capitalist system)

Therefore, if you are not vegan, the epochal change for you is to reduce of 90-95% your consumption of meat and animal products. When you occasionally will eat that small 5-10% of meat, you will be much more aware about what you are eating and why you are eating it.
You will have time, eventually to cut the meat consumption to 0%, if it will be possible for you.

Vegan clothing

Veganism involves also clothes. Fur coatings are naturally a no go. Silk too, since the silkworms are killed to obtain it.

Wool should be avoided everywhere it is possible, since its production infers great suffering during the shearing operation, and after it. Type on a search engine “wool shearing cruelty” and you will see.
As well as the production of any kind of brush made with natural hair.

Leather is also to be avoided. The most of leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, but some cows are actually killed for this purpose. I avoid in any case all clothes made by leather. About shoes it may be more difficult. For some people it is already hard to find traditional shoes which fit good to their foot.
If you can find vegan shoes comfortably for your feet, without an excessive effort, it’s OK of course. But otherwise, as long as so many people are eating meat at the current rate, it is not so critical.

Vegan pet food

At the present time, it is not a priority to seek for vegan food for cats or dogs. Pets’ food comes from the scraps of the meat industry for human consumption. About vegan food for cats, you have to be very careful. Cats are not able to produce the Taurine protein, which is essential, starting from vegetables.
Before to buy, make sure that vegan food for cats is really complete of everything they need. Deficiency of Taurine causes blindness, up to death, to cats.

Cruelty free products

It is also important to choose cruelty-free products as much as possible. Products which are not tested on animals, and/or which don’t contain ingredients of animal origin.
Today there are many vegan or cruelty-free soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and many other non-food products. Check carefully on the product label.

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