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As already mentioned in other pages, the narcissism of the Homo Sapiens pushes to him the obsession to reproduce copies of himself, to satisfy his oversized EGO, creating copies to admire, like looking at himself in the mirror.
The modern Homo Sapiens has begun with the idea of mechanical robots, then androids (half mechanic and half flesh), then replicants (artificially engineered people), and at last came the clones.
While working to achieve these more or less pathetic goals, the Homo Sapiens is obsessed with reproducing at least his “intelligence” and has coined the ridiculous term “AI – Artificial Intelligence”.

In the practice, It doesn’t exist any form of “artificial intelligence” in the reality, but the Homo Sapiens is calling everything as “Intelligent”. It fits”artificial Intelligence” into everything, from a coffee machine, to a photo camera, car navigators, medical devices, vehicle driving systems, etc. There are even “intelligent” flying drones and intelligent bombs… ridiculous!

What the Homo Sapiens calls “artificial intelligence” is nothing more than a set of algorithms written by hand and executed by a binary calculator. Nothing else! It is merely the execution of instructions written arbitrarily in advance by someone, and nothing more than this. There is nothing that “thinks”!
Regardless to how many transistors (binary breakers), CPUs and GHz a computer has at disposal, a binary computer will NEVER be able to do ANYTHING that is not directly or indirectly contained in its written algorithms! It will can never be able to “think” in biological terms. It will can always only execute written instructions.
Written algorithms can partially imitate elementary self-learning processes, but a PC will be never be able to learn something it is not programmed to learn (directly or indirectly). The algorithms can be so complex that the developers have no more idea exactly what they really do and they can produce unexpected behaviors (positives or negatives), but it has nothing to do with the concept of intelligence.

The Homo Sapiens seems to ignore completely that the biological brain works on completely different basis. It doesn’t execute written algorithms and doesn’t work with binary code. The biological brain learns almost everything by itself along a very long period of time. It doesn’t execute any written algorithm.

I don’t think that it is not possible to build a form of artificial intelligence, but not now, and not with our present technology. It would be possible only using a something which works on similar principles as those of the biological brain (based on biological neurons and cells). Principles that we yet don’t know how they work, even not superficially.

A set of algorithms will can never understand, distinguish objects and judge the reality as a biological intelligence does. You can write so many instructions and comparisons patterns as you want, but a binary chip will never be able to understand what its 3D video cameras and sensor are facing, as a biological brain would do.

But the obsessed Homo Sapiens is working hard to let binary PCs even driving cars alone, sooner than possible. The real reason is just to produce something new to sell, increasing the “growth” of GDP, as the laws of capitalism require.

I’m sorry but I will never buy and use a car driven exclusively by a binary chip and a set of instructions.
Surely a silicon chip will never fall asleep, will be never distracted by replying to a SMS, and will never drive drunk, but it will never be able to understand, whether the moving spot moving in front of the cars is a floating bag or a child, an animal or a person, as a biological brain would does. So despite falling asleep and distraction are the first causes of tragic accidents, I will never trust a car driven exclusively by an “artificial intelligence” system, without the permanent supervising of a human (me or a taxi driver), ready to brake or steer. The same is valid for any kind of transport means.

Trains are indeed the most suitable means to be conducted completely without human assistance, because their braking distance is much longer that the visual range of the train conductor. But I would never trust a running train where at least one person onboard is not supervising that all that all the board systems are working OK, “on site”. And when the train is moving slowly inside of a station, I would never renounce to the supervision of a human conductor. I don’t care whether to employ a human costs “money”. I don’t care at all where do the money come from.

Artificial Intelligence, feelings and sentiments

Another theme which moves the fans of “artificial intelligence” is to create a computer which is able to have feelings and sentiments, as the biological being do.
Well guys, it is another deep misunderstanding about how the biological feelings and sentiments work. The first common misunderstanding is that feelings come from the heart. Wrong! Feeling and sentiments come first from the brain, but we “feel” them on the hearth muscle.

The common expressions “Listen to your hearth…”, “Follow your heart…” are deeply misleading!

When you see a person who lets your hearth beating faster and your head spinning, it has been decided by the brain, not by the hearth. The heart is only a muscle.
In the biological beings, brain and hearth work in loop together. The brain says “That person looks to be perfect for me” and the brain sends the command to the hearth “beat faster”.
When the heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises in all the organs and in the brain, generating the “spinning head” and the “butterflies in the stomach” effects as return. Simple! The brain interprets this context as positive and it releases other good feeling substances (like Dopamine).

Exactly the same happens when you face a sudden danger, or an anger-attack. The brain instinctively sends the same command “beat faster” to the heart. The blood pressure rises in the brain, but the feeling in this context is perceived as a bad feeling, instead of a good feeling, and release alarm substances (like Adrenaline). The brain decides what you feel. The heart lets you feel the feeling “physically” in your head in your body.

In an artificial intelligence, based on silicon and binary code, there is nothing which gives this biologic mechanism. You can write tons of algorithms to let the PC imitates feelings, but it will never can feel feelings. A silicon chip will never can loose patience, when submitting to it the same question 10, 100 or 1 million times, unless the algorithm doesn’t foresee it. As well, a silicon PC will can never “feel” love or hate.
In the biological brain there is no written instruction which says “After x times that someone asks you the same question get angry and get rid of him”. It is a biological reaction, induced by many factors. The outcome is not always the same and the value of “x times” is not always the same.

So, in conclusion, stop with the obsession to replicate what is biological, with something is not biological. Stop to humanize what has nothing to do with biology. It is just misleading and only a waste of time and resources.

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