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In the modern world, the hypocrisy and the “Do-gooding” political trend have reach a so serious level that it is not allowed to say nothing against any religion, especially the most diffused ones in the world. (The “Do-gooding” is that philosophy with good intentions, but not realistic).

Religions are something ‘untouchable’. It is allowed to say that Nazism, Fascism, Communism, racism are shit cultures (and they are), but it is not allowed to say that a certain religion is a shit culture. Religions are cultural human inventions, like any other kind of cultures. They are not something special, just because they add an imaginary character (a god), to their tales.
But if you say that a certain religion is shit, you can even be prosecuted by law, under the accusation to feed “hate”.
So, I am atheist and I say that all religions are SHIT. In the page about the Islamic immigration I have already explained why Islam is the most negative and harmful among all religions.
The Christian religions are not much better. Just a very little, because at least they say that if you kill someone, you go to hell and not to the heaven.

Religions are one of the first causes of war and division among populations. Especially the monotheist religions put the Homo Sapiens in the center of the universe and set it as something special in nature, which is greatly false.

All religions have the aim to subjugate psychologically the people and keep the arm population quiet under control, giving them the fake hope of a better life after the death. Religions had a very easy life in a world and in times, where the 99% of the population lived in poor condition and unsatisfied. The Christian religions have been invented 2000 years go and Islam in the Middle Ages. Times where the life was miserable for the most of the people. Today it is actually not much different.
The fake promise of a better life after the death is very effective on people who live in poverty. The Christian religions are the most successful in this job. In short they tell:

“The more you are poor, the less you own, the more you live a life of suffering and sorrows, the more you renounce to anything you like, then you will be more rewarded after the death, in heaven…”

…really smart! Isn’t it? The ideal philosophy of life for the poor people of that times, to let them accept quietly their condition. The ideal philosophy for the enslaved people in the capitalistic system. Work for 11,5 months per year for 1000$/€ per month, until you are 65-67 years old (if you can even get so old), and hopefully you will die with a cancer, 2 months after retired. Isn’t it the perfect religion for the modern times? Not by chance the Christian religions are the most spread religions in the capitalistic Occident, as well in the poor Countries and they attached well in the ex USSR Countries.

Under this concern, the Christian religion is the worst ever invented. Not enough with this, the Christian religion is also the most sex-phobic religion ever. It is so sex-phobic that they have invented even the absurd figure of a “virgin mutter”. Pathetic! They didn’t let Maria fuck even not once! (Aside that with a straw and a little inventiveness, you can get a virgin women pregnant, without a sexual intercourse).
Some people suggest that the founders of the Christian religion were sexually repressed people or repressed gay men. It is plausible. Anyway they knew that if you limit, cancel and control the sexual life of a person, it is more easy to psychologically control the person. The Christian religion exploits this concept very well. They deny to you even the “self satisfaction”. Any form of pleasure is forbidden.
The whole concept that simply by renouncing to something you like, even something that doesn’t harm the others, you get something good as reward, is really a perversion.
The inventors of the Christian religion were really repressed and pathological depressed people.


“Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself”

This is the most misused sentence in the history. There is nothing religious in this sentence. It is the first basic rule of the common sense. It is so obvious that it doesn’t even need to be explained. But don’t confuse it with the “Do-gooding” attitude. It is a different thing!
Religions misuse positive concepts, mixing them with imaginary gods and arbitrary rules of life. The concept “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself” has nothing to do with religiosity and is no property of the Christian religion. Of course the world would be better if all people would apply this elementary rule. Despite I am not a do-gooder, I do my part of the job in my daily life. I do it better than many do-gooder people. And the Christian religion forgets completely that “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself” is also to be applied to all animals!

The falsities in the Christian Religion

The Christian religion is the one which has brought more flagrant falsities in our daily life:

Jesus is born on 25th December.

False. If Jesus was born at the begin of the year Zero of our calendar, he was born on 1st January of year 0. Therefore, Christmas should be celebrated on 1st January. Isn’t it elementary?

Europe has christian roots.

False. Europe has pagan roots. Before the Christian religion invaded Europe, there were pagan cultures in Europe.

When the Christian religion came to Europe, they overlapped the traditional recurrences of pagan ceremonies with the Christian recurrences.
The most important pagan rite was the celebration of the winter solstice, around the 21th December. The winter solstice is the most important event in the year, since it marks the beginning of the time where the days become longer and the warmer season will come again. It is a fundamental moment for the agriculture.
The Christian religion set the birth of Jesus Christ 3 days after the winter solstice, on the night between 24-25 December, right on purpose to overlap the pagan rite! This is why Christmas is not celebrated on the 1st January. They chose 3 days after the winter solstice, because for around 3 days after the solstice, there is apparently no variation in the position of where the sun rises. After 3 days the variation is noticeable and the days start actually to become longer.
Actually, the winter solstice would be the more proper moment to set the begin of a new year.

Easter, the fictional resurrection of Jesus, has been set in April, to fall round the spring solstice, which was another pagan celebration.

The alleged non existence of Jesus Christ

As last, not that it has any importance, whether the person of Jesus Christ really existed or not, but some researchers suggest that Jesus Christ never existed really. He could be a fictional character, written only in the “holy” books.
Jesus would have lived in the times of the ancient Rome and he had clearly interacted with the authorities and with the society. Well, in all historical records of the historians of that time, there is no mention about Jesus Christ. He is never named. There is no trace. Jesus is present only in the gospels and in the bible. Arbitrary books which were written by the inventors of the Christian religion.

As told, it doesn’t matter whether Jesus Christ really existed or not, because even if he existed, he was a person like all the others. He was only a successful preacher, with his tales and promises of a better life after the death. He was nothing more, like all the other “prophets” were (and are).
But since Jesus is a central character of one of the most spread and harmful religions, it would be interesting to clear the concern about his existence. See also:

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