Cats and Dogs. What are they?

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They are called “domestic animals” but what are they actually? Well… of the two, only the dog can be defined a “domestic” specie.
Differently than the cat, the Dog is a specie which doesn’t exist in nature. The dog is an artificial specie. In nature exists only the Wolf. Today it seems incredible, but any kind of dog race you may see, comes originally from the breeding of the Wolf, even a Chihuahua, or a bulldog. The Dog is a heavily denatured and disfigured wolf. Denatured by the human breeding, especially in the last centuries. If the wolf would know what it has been made of it, it would commit suicide.
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Actually, I have not a great sympathy also for the wolf, because the wolf is a coward specie. If you encounter a single wolf in the forest, it escapes away from you, but if it is around in a pack, they maul you. Among the canids, I prefer the fox. It relies less on the pack. The ‘pack effect’ is very present also in the Homo Sapiens specie, especially concerning criminality. But the wolf is a wild specie, it has its role in the environment and in the food chain.

Other to have physiognomically disfigured the wolf, the Homo Sapiens has bred the dog in order to fit its anthropocentric needs. The dog specimens which were more prone to understand and execute the commands from the Humans were favored and bred again. The specimens who were prone to recognize the Human as their “top-dog” were the favorite. The wolf in nature is not so submissive toward the humans.
The result of this intensive denaturation of the wolf is what we see today. Dog races for all tastes. From shopping-bag dogs, to aggressive fighting dogs.
The obsessive sense for the protection of its territory is also a very desired and exploited feature of the dog’s instincts.

So, I very dislike the general attitude of dog toward their owners and toward the unknown people.

And please stop to say that dangerous races don’t exist. Of course there are. Aggressiveness is a characteristic which is refined and selected through breeding, like the length of the muzzle and the size of the body. Aggressiveness is also a part of the genetic heritage. Many dog races are bred right on purpose to rise the aggressiveness. And in general on average, dogs have a natural aggressiveness higher than cats, at least toward people.

The natural aggressiveness of the dog and its obsessive sense of protection for its territory (and anything is inside of it) are further aspects that I very dislike about dogs.
There is only one kind of dogs which I like, regardless by the race. I Iike only those dogs which have not any aggressive instinct toward the humans. Thus those dogs that, at least under this aspect, behave similar to cats 🙂


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