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Here some interesting cat videos. On Youtube you can find infinite videos about ‘Funny cats’ t, so here I post some less common but more interesting videos about cats: 

Here you see how cats get worried and try to save you from the object which seems to grab your attention in abnormal way, making your face expression innatural. A cat enjoys kisses on its head.
That short “EEH!” sound, in the cats’ language is a greeting signal, like an “Hello!”.
Cats interacting with their humans when singing. Cats like melodic music.
Cat talking with its human. It wants go outside, but it is raining. A very good example of cat conversation.  Especially in some countries (one of those is Italy), black cats are very unappreciated (meanwhile black panthers are admired).
Many black cats are horribly tortured and killed because of primitive superstitions. Here an example how black cats can be.
Another lovely black cat
Normally cats don’t converse among each others using meowing, but these two does. Interspecific friendship between a cat and an owl Cat demanding to be petted
Cat demanding attention and to be petted. Cat demands with meowing to continue to pet her.  
Also some big cats can purr, but only few can purr both when inhaling and exhaling.  A nap with a purring cheetah Other loud purrs of a cheetah
Cougar is also able to purr and meows more similar to small cats, than the other big felids. The Serval purrs too Another Serval

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