The truth about the ancient Egyptians and cats

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The ancient Egypt is known as to have been a “heaven on Earth” for cats. Well, it wasn’t!
It is true that the ancient Egyptians had understood that cats (as well the felids) had something more special than the other species. They invented gods and divinities inspired by the perfection of the cat. It is true that they loved, praised and prayed cats… but it is only one half of the story. The reality is very different.

Recently, hundred thousands of mummified cats, wrapped in cylindrical containers, have been found in an archaeological site in Egypt. In the first moment it was thought that these mummies were of “pet” cats, mummified by their lovely owners after their natural death. But examining these mummies with x-rays and CT technologies (3D computer tomography), it revealed that these cats had been intentionally killed, breaking their neck bones! See more in this page.

And not only cats. Also mummies of birds and other animals killed in the same way have been found. The purpose of these killed animals (with the numbers of an extermination) was to offer them as present to their “gods”.
Along the hundreds or thousands of years of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the number of cats that had been breed and killed on that purpose has to be calculated in millions.
It was a shocking discover for all those people who esteemed the ancient Egyptians as the reference of cat-lovers… they weren’t.

On one hand, you was sentenced to death if you even accidentally killed a cat. On the other hand they bred million of cats right on purpose to kill them, serving them to their invented gods. The mental perversion and hypocrisy of the Homo Sapiens have no limits. What do you think that an extraterrestrial civilization would have thought about that, if they observed us?

The ancient Egyptians were Homo Sapiens as we are today. They were not better than us. They only lived according to different cultures. They did also human sacrifices, as well any other “advanced” and “admired” ancient civilizations, like the Maya and Incas. They were not better than us and we are not better than them. They only lived according to different cultures than us today.

To read more about the mummies of killed cats in the ancient Egypt, see also these pages:


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