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The most misunderstood, manipulated and politically exploited theme of our times, is the global immigration. Especially concerning the Islamic immigration.

It seems that both the left and right politic wings ignore some fundamental aspects about the causes and effects of the global Immigration.
To the left-wing it is not clear, that even Continents have a finite surface and finite resources. It is not possible to assume that a continent could take in charge hundred of millions of people from another continent. Despite what the pathetic do-gooders of the Left-Wings and Green Parties tell, it is no possible. And even if it was possible, it would not be the best solution. (As per definition, the Do-gooders are “well-meaning but unrealistic people”)

Let’s examine the case of the ‘rich’ Europe and the ‘poor’ Africa.
Europe, with its is 450.000.000 of inhabitants in the EU area is already overpopulated. Almost all the green surface is occupied by farm fields.

Africa has a population of about 1200 millions people (2020). The most of them would like to move to Europe, if only they could.
There is no way to sustain an unlimited immigration. Despite what the Green and Left Wings parties tell, to let these people come to Europe, only makes our situation worst, and it makes the situation of Africa not better!
To those crazy people who say “We need new workers to pay the pension funds for our aging population”, I say that I don’t care at all where the numbers of money come from. Money is an artificial number which doesn’t exist in nature. There is no need to import other people to enslave, to just generate numbers.

Problems are not solved moving people, but by solving the problems where they are. Move people just move problems and it creates new ones.
Now please don’t bring in discussion the old Colonialism. It is ended 60 years ago. Don’t blame only the occidental corporations which are plundering mineral resources. Africa and its resources belong to the African people first. The corruption needs always 2 counterparts, one corrupter and one corrupted.

The People of Africa should start to build their Europe there, in Africa, as we did here in Europe. If they don’t want to do it, the solution is not to move people to Europe.
If they want solve their problems, we can help them and give suggestions, but it is up to them, to build their system, and possibly a better system than ours in the Occidental World. They can do it, if they want.

Islamic immigration and cultural incompatibility

The other big problem is the deep incompatibility between certain cultures.
Our politic and social situation has so much degenerated into pathetic hypocrisy, that it is not allowed to say anything against a religion, especially Islam, or you can be even prosecuted, with the accusation to be racist and to feed anti-Islam hate. It’s so ridiculous and pathetic! And I am atheist, if you are wondering.

Religions are just human inventions, arbitrary ideologies about ways of life, as well fascism, nazism, capitalism, communism, and any other form of ideology. Religions are not something special or untouchable, only because a “god” element has been added to the tale. This is ideological discrimination.
Like any kind of human inventions, there are more good, and more bad ideologies. And Islam is a bad ideology. There is no racist discrimination in saying this. As well there is no discrimination in saying  that fascism, nazism or communism are bad ideologies.

If there is no freedom to distinguish between positive and negative cultures, only because one bad culture is also a “religion”, then we have a very serious political and cultural problem in our system, not only about the freedom of thought and expression.

Cultures and religions, as all ideologies, are bounded to persons, not to races.
If a white baby grows up in Pakistan, he will become a Muslim like all the other people there. Maybe, even a fundamentalist one.
At the present times, Islam is widely spread in Africa and in Middle East Countries. Therefore, if you in Europe encounter a black person or of Middle East ethnicity, there are a big chances that if you guess that he/she is Muslim, you guess right. But not because he/she is black. Just because probably he/she comes from an Islamic area.
As well, if a white man goes around in Japan, the local people would guess that he is a foreigner and he doesn’t speak Japanese! There is no racism in these facts, and if these are considered “prejudgments”, we have a real problem!
These are just logical associations based on geography, which at our present times, in the most cases they guess right.

If you assume that black people or Middle East people are stupid or inferior because of their color, this is racism! Then please stop to label someone as racist, if he just says that Islam, or another religion, is a bad culture. Don’t confuse cultures (human inventions) with races.

That Islam is a negative culture and it is incompatible with the values of the Occidental life, is a fact. Again, there is no racism in saying this. Just 2 elements are enough to make Islam incompatible with the Occidental Countries:

1) In the Quran book it is written clear, that if you kill non Muslim people you do a good thing. And one characteristic of Islam is that the people get indoctrinated to follow literally the Quran.
Some ‘feel-good’ experts claims that this verse of Quran gets ‘misunderstood‘. Well, I am not interested in details about the language, but it looks that the most of Muslims understand that verse right in that way. On this site you can read more about the content of Quran.
The fact is that Muslim people are legitimate to kill people by their ‘holy’ book, differently than the people of other religions. Few Muslim do it really, but they are enough.

2) Islam doesn’t endorse the separation between State and Religion.
State and religion are the same Institution. The laws of Islam are the laws of the State. The concept of separation between State and Religion doesn’t exist, and they don’t agree with this concept.

Already these 2 concerns are sufficient to make Islam incompatible with the life in the Occidental Countries.

We see the effects of the point 1) quite often and not only in Occident. It’s clear. Islam is a culture which tends very easy to generate fundamentalism, due to its nature. And Muslims are legitimated to kill, by their book Quran. Therefore, every Muslim is a potential danger. I know that everybody in a society can be a potential murder, but if someone is legitimated by his/her religious belief to kill people, you have a problem more.
Religions are a heavy mental conditioning since the birth, and nothing is more dangerous than mental conditioning since the birth.

In this site you can found an updated list of all the Islamist killings around the world. Almost every day someone is killed, because the Quran teaches that it is a good thing to do.
A good example is the Islamic attack on 29th October 2020 in Nice, in France. A 21 years old Islamic young from Morocco has killed 3 people (one beheaded). That Muslim had reached Italy on board of a small boat, like the many which are “rescued” by the ships of those “humanitarian” organizations. See more on my blog post.

This is what happens when letting primitive and harmful cultures to enter in civilized Countries, despite what the do-gooders tell. I’m sorry, but I don’t care whether the Islamic criminals are “only” the 0,1% or less of all the “rescued” people coming form “poor-areas”. I don’t accepts the risk at all, the even only 1 person in our Countries can get killed by someone who is a carrier of those primitive cultures. And differently than the other “common” terrorists, the Islamic terrorists are legitimated by they “holy” book Quran, to kill people. Everybody who believes in such “holy” books has to be considered a potential killer.

And don’t bring in discussion the old occidental Colonialism as justification for the Islamic terrorism. It is ended 60 years ago and when the Muslims commit their terrorist attacks they don’t shout “Free our Countries”, but “Allah is big”. The Islamic terrorists are not actually terrorists. They are just strict Muslims, who apply “correctly” the dictates of their “holy” Quran.

A very neglected aspect in the Occidental Countries is that after a deadly terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists, the millions of Muslims living in the Occidental Countries don’t flow down in mass on the streets, protesting and showing their disapproval for such acts. When they go on the streets, they are a bunch of people.
Even polls have show that a non irrelevant part of the Muslim people in the Occidental Countries, approve the terrorist attacks, when they happen. They are not terrorists, but culturally, they approve that sometime ‘infidels‘ are killed by Muslims. It’s a fact.

About the point 2) the fact is that for the Muslims immigrates living in the Occidental Countries, the laws of Islam are above the laws of the Country where they live.

All these are facts. Don’t accuse me to feed Islamic phobia.

The most of these immigrants live in the Occidental Counties following the same Islamic or tribal rules, which created the conditions that forced them to leave their Countries. They rebuild here in total or partially, the same system of life they are escaped from.
The most of them come here just because they need some money at the end of the month, to buy food in the stores, not because they want live according to more civil and not primitive rules. A change of culture is not the reason for the global immigration. They would stay in their Countries, if they just had money to buy food. This is the reality.

In conclusion, the politic of the “Open arms” and “Open borders” are very despicable and dangerous. Either because Europe is already overpopulated, either because to mix such incompatible cultures is not a good idea.

I am not talking about the right-wing argumentation about the worry of an ‘Ethnic replacement‘, which would turn the color of people in Europe from white to black.
I don’t care at all which color the people in Europe will be in 100 or 1000 years. I care about which culture Europe will have in the future.

If Europe will still have its European culture, or hopefully an even improved one, I will be happy about it, independently by which color the people will look.
If Europe will be transformed in an Islamic or tribal culture continent, no, I would not like it.

For me, if one day the Muslims worldwide together will agree to officially change in their books those points which make Islam a bad culture, they will be welcomed. Before that time, not. To make their culture better is up to them, not to us.

I don’t know how things will evolve in the future, but the EU should select more carefully the people and the cultures that EU takes in his home. See a small example here.


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