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Veganism is the natural attitude of life, for the non-specist people. Since the non-specist people have a great respect and consideration for all the other animals, the most of people avoid also to eat them, since it means to kill them.

The true reasons to be vegan are not related to whether meat is more or less harmful to our health.

To be vegan is just a matter of:
1) Empathy
2) Respect
3) Acknowledgment
towards all animals, for the evolutionary work which they accomplished before us.

These 3 reasons are more than sufficient, to choose to be vegan. But in addition to those, it is also a question of coherency with ourselves. How many people would eat meat, if they should have also to kill the animal which they would like to eat?
The most of people eat meat, only because they find it already killed, cleaned and packaged in the food stores, but they would be never able to kill that chicken, that pig or beef, if there is nobody who kills the animal for them. Meanwhile, everyone would be able to cultivate and cut a potato.
To eat meat just because you found it ready packaged, is exactly like to pay a bounty killer to kill a person, because you are not able to kill him/her by yourself.

What is particularly annoying from the non-vegan people, even from some ‘scientists’, are the fake and ridiculous arguments that they bring as justification for their missing of willingness to stop to eat meat, or for their inability to stop.

The 5 most used and fake justifications are:

1) We are omnivores, thus we have the right to kill and eat the other animals
To be exact, our ancestors were exclusively frugivore species, as all the modern primates still are today.
Our ancestors ate only fruits and vegetables. They began to eat animals, only when fruits became always harder to find, when their forests turned into a savannah. Meat became more affordable and comfortably to get than fruits. We were forced to switch to meat, but our digestive apparatus remains basically the apparatus of a frugivore.
Differently than us, any specie which is adapted to eat meat consistently, like the Wolf, gets no health issues by eating meat and animal fats. They can process animal proteins and fats correctly. We don’t.
Aside of this, even if we were a true carnivore specie, like the wolf, the attitude of an intelligent specie would be anyway grounded on the respect and empathy towards the other sentient animals. What our predecessors ate, has no relevance about what we decide to eat today.

2) Meat pushed the development of our brain and thus our intelligence
This the greatest bullshit in the history of biology. It sounds even like the outdated evolutionary theory of Lamark.
The cooking of food was the big jump in our feeding. Cooked food makes much more energy available to our body. Maybe this additional energy supported better the increasing of the brain size of our ancestors. But its was not due to eating meat rather than vegetables that we increased our intelligence. It’s a colossal bullshit! Cooked vegetables give plenty of energy and raw material to build proteins as well meat.

3) We need animal proteins to build our proteins
False. We can build all our proteins starting from vegetables. It is well knows since the 1940’s years.
The only difference to meat, is that a single type of vegetable doesn’t contain all the type of amino acids we need to build all proteins. It is sufficient to eat regularly both the main types of vegetables: cereals (bread, pasta, rice, etc…) and leguminous (bones, peas, soy, lentils, etc…).
Even the Wolf is able to build all its proteins eating exclusively vegetables. The only category of mammals, which is not able to live eating exclusively vegetables, are the felids! They are so highly specialized carnivores, that they can’t build all the proteins starting form vegetables. And there is only one protein which they are not able to build, the Taurine.
So, also the new trend which proposes to eat insects as alternative source of animal proteins is a bullshit! It’s a false problem. We don’t need animal proteins. We build them by our own! Have a dish of pasta and beans and you’re served!

4) We need vitamin B12 and it can be found only on meat
True and false. We need B12 vitamin, but it doesn’t belong to meat. B12 is produced by bacteria which live on the soil! All other animals, included pigs and beefs, need B12 vitamin and they get it together with the unwashed food they eat.
Since for our immune system it is not recommendable to eat unwashed vegetables, there is nothing bad by taking a B12 pill once a week. We have developed enough intelligence to produce B12 pills, then let’s use it!

5) Plants sorrow too, then we shouldn’t eat also vegetables
This is the most miserable and childish excuse to continue to eat meat as before. See also the section about antispecism.

So, these are the main invalid objections quoted by the non vegan people. I just answer them:
“If you don’t see any reason to change your feeding, or if your willingness is not enough strong to do it, just continue to eat meat. I don’t blame you, but please don’t use these justifications as reasons for your choice.”

Another good reason for the switch to vegan is the efficiency in the exploitation of the cultivable land surface (which is limited). The 90% of the cultivated land is used to produce food for the animals which will be eaten. It is a huge part of the land! Instead, if we would eat directly vegetables, a very much smaller amount of surface would be needed.        


In a world where 2/3 of the 7,8 billions humans (year 2020) live in shortage of food, a feeding based on meat is anyway unsustainable.
Concerning the effects of animal proteins and milk products on our health, you can found many resources in internet, if you want investigate more deeply. But it is not the main concern about the vegan choice.

About the alleged ‘omnivore-carnivore’ nature of the human, you can do a simple test which demonstrates that the Homo Sapiens has not carnivore instincts:
Give an apple and a living bunny to a baby. What will the baby do?
The baby will try to eat the apple and to play with the bunny. He will not try to eat the bunny and to play with the apple!
If the baby was a cub of one carnivore, he would try to eat the bunny instead.

Another interesting experiment would be to grow up a group of babies without giving them any animal product since their birth (except the human milk of course), up to the age of 16-17 years. Then allow them to taste meat for the first time and they will decide whether to continue to eat meat in their life.
I bet that the most of these young will not say “Oh damn! What a fantastic taste! What did I missed until now in my life!”, because they didn’t grow up accustomed to that taste, and the taste of meat is not written in our DNA. I bet that the most of them would perceive meat as something having a weird taste and consistency.

As first, I recommend you to listen a speech of Gary Yourofsky, the best vegan speaker ever. It is really worth to be listened, by everybody:

Direct link to video “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky” :

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