Why God doesn’t exist

God and the narcissism of the Homo Sapiens

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As already mentioned in the section about Antispecism, the Homo Sapiens is a very narcissist specie. I think that the Homo Sapiens is narcissist really at pathological level, and it suffers from an oversized ego (the perception which he has of herself)
As consequence, the question which obsesses more than any other thing the Homo Sapiens is “Who did create me”?
The narcissist and oversized ego causes the pathological need of the Homo Sapiens to feel itself as the masterpiece of the evolution, the center of the universe, and he needs to think to be the voluntary creation of a powerful and superior entity… at his image!

In that “…at his image” there is the key of all the pathological narcissism of the Homo Sapiens.
Since ever, the Homo Sapiens is obsessed with the idea to reproduce copies of himself, at his image, to be used as slaves and to can admire himself like at the mirror. The sci-fiction literature shows the whole progress.
At the begin it was with metallic robots with human shape, then the androids came (half robots and half flesh), then comes the replicants (artificially engineered people), and at last came the clones.
The Human is really obsessed with clonation. All this effort just to make a copy of himself to admire saying “Oh… Homo Sapiens… how much you are beautiful, how much you are intelligent, how much you are well made, I am your creator…”. All this obsession is really disgusting.

In the modern times, updated versions of the ‘creation’ theory have come. A new trend is that we have been created by aliens. We are everything but not a local anonymous product of this biosphere, like all the other millions of species are!

The narcissism of the Homo Sapiens is really stomach-turning. He has also the presumption that others animal species (apes or even aliens) could perceive him as “beautiful” and sexually attractive!
Usually, physical attraction/disgusting is reciprocal between different species. But no! The homo sapiens is universally beautiful!
Not only the Homo Sapiens is not a masterpiece in terms of evolution (see the section about Antispecism), he is not at center of universe, and to every rational people having a mind free from conditioning, it is also clear that no god exists.

Ironically, if the Homo Sapiens would reflect even partially the essence of a ‘good’ superior entity, this entity would not be a good entity, actually.
The Homo Sapiens is so imperfect and badly made, that if it would be the creation of a superior entity, this entity could not be defined as ‘superior’ at all.
And if we were a product of a superior entity, this entity would have wiped out the Homo Sapiens from the face of Earth many thousands of years ago, when it was already clear how much respectfulness we are, towards the life of all the other species, and even of the humans.


Presumption, narcissism and ‘soul’

As first, the Homo Sapiens has named his specie as “Sapiens”, which means “wise”… no comment. I see nothing ‘wise’ in the behavior of the Homo Sapiens, since his origin. He is the
6th mass extinction.

The narcissism and self flattering of the Homo Sapiens pushes him to think to be the center of the universe. For many people it is even hard to accept the idea that we could be not the only ‘intelligent’ specie in the universe (which is pretty big. Two trillion galaxies…). Or even the idea that non-intelligent life could exist on other planets, despite we know that nothing exists in one only place in the universe. The laws are the same everywhere.

The Homo Sapiens is obsessed to be the number one in everything. See the sport competitions. Nobody is practice athletic do find out which are the physical limits of the human body, to find out what is the max. speed a human can run or how high the Human can jump. Everybody is interested just to be the number one on the top of the chart! The number 2, just a few milliseconds or millimeter distanced, worths nothing!!
Look at the Apollo11, Moon mission. Everybody knows Neil Armstrong as the first man who walked on the Moon, but it ha non sense! There 2 men who walked on the Moon for the first time, not one! Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were together on the lunar module, when they touched the moon surface. It has no sense to disgusting who exited in the outside! (And doesn’t forget that Michael Collins brought them to the Moon, so these 3 names should be always quoted together!
This obsession to be the number one distorts completely the perception of everything, up to entire universe, by the Homo Sapiens.

The homo Sapiens thinks to be so special, that he believes to have a ‘soul‘, an ‘essence’ of him which live forever in a ‘nowhere’ place. The more modern beliefs are extending the concept of soul also to animals, so that people can play gain with their cats or dogs after the death.
What we call ‘soul‘, is just the AWARENESS that we have to be alive. Every animal which have a brain gets and awareness to be alive, in an extent which is related to the complexity of its brain. The insects will have a much limited awareness of the ‘themselves’ being, bu they have it in some extent. It’s logical and natural, and everything that is contained in our brain, dies with our brain. Even if we don’t like the idea. The laws of nature doesn’t care about what the Homo Sapiens like or not like.

Because of his awareness to be alive, the homo Sapiens thinks to be so special, to deserve an eternal life after the death. His ‘soul’ lives forever, even longer than the universe itself. The souls of the trillions Homo Sapiens who lived until now and who will live in the next billions years, will live forever. Maybe together with the souls of all the other living beings of this and maybe other universes. What a crowded ‘dimension’, where infinite souls live for an infinite time!
Even the universe is not infinite and doesn’t live forever, but the masterpiece Homo Sapiens yes. It’s so childish, if you think well a bout it.

All the laws of nature are bent to fit to the childish needs of the Homo Sapiens, in order to know things in advance.
Everything in nature is made to send signs to the Homo Sapiens. The position of planets and stars predicts how his personality will be, how his next weekend will be, or whether he/she will find love in the next month.
Nothing happens randomly to him. Everything is already written on a book somewhere for him, written by a supernatural surveyor. All these attitudes toward the reality are really childish and disgusting.
We don’t use our intelligence to search for answers. We use it to give us the answers we would like.

Why god can’t exist

The best definition for god is “God is the Santa Claus for adults”

The need to believe to be surveyed and ‘protected’ by someone is a typical childish need. It is also extremely simple to explain why a god can’t exist, and why it would be even a non-sense.

Not only there are a few practical reason why actually any god doesn’t exists. For example any ‘merciful‘ Lord would not let that thousands of innocent kids dies every year in the world because of horrible tumors. Any ‘merciful’ Lord would not let that thousand of poor people die in natural catastrophes, while the opulent Occident enjoys its Christmas shopping, like with the tsunami of 26th December 2004 in Indonesia. Strangely enough, there was no comment by the catholic church about why it could happened.

The existence of a god is not possible, just because of a single elementary concept:

1) The ridiculous dogma that “God exists since ever” and “It has no sense to wonder where did God come from” is really the most CHILDISH dogma and the most childish escape way from the reality. It is the most superficial and easiest way to explain something.

Nothing comes from Nothing. Especially any kind of thinking or living being. It’s elementary.
The more complex things come always from more simple things, as well the more complex and ‘intelligent’ life forms come after the simplest life forms. There is no way, without exceptions, that something complex, thinking, appears suddenly from nothing, or that it simply exists since ever so “ready made”.
Just because we don’t know yet where the origin of everything comes from, it is not a sufficient reason to set a childish exception, establishing that a thinking entity, and thus a kind of life form has ever existed, ready born, in the middle of nothing on purpose to create everything. It is really a ridiculous and childish way to explain what we don’t know yet.

If you tell that an ‘intelligent’ and ‘superior’ entity exists, you have also to tell where it comes from. There is no way to escape from this question.
Even a god would have born from something else and this something else would have been born from something. It would be an endless circle, which requires to be explained. There is no workaround for it!
Adding a ‘thinking entity’ at the begin of everything, makes the explanation more difficult, not more easy (like the “theologians” claim), because it adds an additional and complex element to be explained.
The fact is that there is no place for a god at the begin of the chain.

Since it is unavoidable that complex things come after the simple things, if something exists since ever, it is more likely something inanimate, not something ‘thinking and willing’.
We don’t know yet what is the origin of everything, but it is much more likely and reasonable to assume, that pure inanimate energy or matter exist since ever, rather than a kind of intelligent, complex and thinking entity. My unconditioned and not oversized ego has no problem in accepting this.

For me personally, it is more likely that pure energy exists since ever, cyclically condensing, forming many different universes, like the recent Multiversum theory is studying.

It is already quite clear, that nothing exists only once in nature: it doesn’t exist only one planet, it doesn’t exist only one star, it doesn’t exists only one galaxy, and finally it is becoming clear that probably it doesn’t exist only one universe. We have yet much to discover.


I know that its difficult for the most people to accept this, because they are plagiarized since their birth to think that a god exists. A catholic priest told recently in an interview “If one day someone would come to me, confirming that god doesn’t exist, I would commit suicide immediately. Because I could not live without the idea of its presence”.
Well guys… there is nothing to add, about how much self conditioning and mental conditioning since the birth are powerful! I would have replied to him “Poor priest, your god exists only inside of your head. If it is enough for you, leave well!”
To believe in something which doesn’t exist, becomes a real psychological addiction.

Then please wake up and take the life for what it is. There is only one life, if you waste it living a shitty life thinking that you will be rewarded with an eternal and pleasant life after your death, you are fucked.
You will have not a second chance. The karma and reincarnation beliefs are colossal bullshits too.
Believing in these things you are doing what the ‘caste of power’ wants: enslave you, to make them more rich.

Please stop also with those pathetic anthropocentric questions, “What are we?“, “Where do we come from?“, “What is the sense of life?“.
We are an animal specie. We come from this biosphere, as all the other species. Life has no preconfigured sense. Life has not a sense, in the anthropocentric meaning. Life has the sense which the living beings give to it, according tho their ability to give a sense to their life.

Then start to give a more constructive and useful sense to your life. Enjoy the life in the best way and constructive way, instead to waste it believing in a non-existent god (also known as Santa Claus for adults), and other “nice to have” but non-existing things.

Until you don’t get your mind free from the conviction that the Homo Sapiens is at the center of the universe, you can’t have a proper vision about anything.

And at last, if you are just curious to know some falsities stuck in the Christian religion, watch the first part of the documentary:
Zeitgeist – The movie (2007).
(Probably some Catholic believer has complained and now youtube warns about inappropriate or offensive content! Just confirm that you want watch it)

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