What is actually intelligence?

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We use to associate the concept of ‘intelligence‘ with the technological elements of our civilization: electronic, medical science, engineering, and all what is technological. All these applications make our life more comfortable, pleasant and longer, but they have no matter about the conservation of our specie. The Homo Sapiens has survived without these things for 300.000 years, in much harder times, even through glaciations.
The people of 200.000 years ago, as well of 30.000 years ago were not less intelligent than us today. They had just less knowledge to apply to their life.

The development of technology is one application of the cognitive intelligence, the ability to observe a problem and deduce a solution (the so called ‘problem solving’). But this is only one of the many applications of the intelligence.
The most important aspect is how the products of intelligence are used. You are certainly very intelligent if you are able to invent and build an atomic bomb, but you are very idiot if you let it explode anywhere.
As opposite, if you are not able to develop nothing technological, but you establish constructive relations with all the elements and species around you in the environment, you make a much more effective and positive use of your intelligence.

Learning form all the other species living on the Earth, the proper definition for intelligence is:


“Intelligence is the ability of a specie to take advantages from the environment, without to damage it”

and this is actually what all the other species do. They take advantages from their environment without destroying it.
Under this definition, the Human is far the most idiot specie on the Earth. Better
, I would say that the Homo Sapiens is a sociopath specie. As it is well known, the worst criminals, like serial killers, murders, sadistic killers ever, are always sociopath people. Sociopathy means first of all, the missing of any form of empathy toward the others. The Homo Sapiens acts exactly as a sociopath, toward all the other species.


Here a few reasons why the human can’t be classified as an intelligent specie:

1) It is the only specie which is not able to balance its population in the environment where he lives. Despite he is able to count large numbers.

2) It is the only specie which doesn’t live in balance with the resources of his environment. He acts like a parasite towards the entire planet and the other millions of species.

3) It is the only specie which believes to have the right to arbitrary extinguish any other specie. Homo Sapiens has already extinguished so many species and has reduced the animal population on Earth, how much a mass extinction does! The human is causing the 6th Mass Extintion.

4) It is the only specie which causes problems to all other species. There is not a single specie which lives in better conditions since the human appeared. (Except a little minority of adopted cats and dogs). In the years from 1970 to 2020, the population of vertebrates (mammals, reptiles, birds, etc) decreased of 68% because of the extension and activities of the Human population. And in 1970 the situation was already bad, in comparison to few centuries before. See the “Living Planet Report 2020” and this page.

5) It is the only specie that hunts other species up to their extinction, being perfectly aware that an extincted specie returns no more.

6) Since the times when the Human learned to throw stones he kills other members of his same specie due to any kind of reason, although everybody knows that there is no return from death and nobody would like to be killed.

7) The human has developed a really sick cult of death. It admires the death and the ability to kill. To kill makes him feel omnipotent and powerful. See the plenty of murders and killing in the entertainment movies. An intelligent being would feel itself idiot, when provoking a death. The Human has invented the mental perversion that killing a life, he ingratiates someone other. See the sacrifices.

8) The human is the only specie which consciously applies physical sufferings to other species. Atrocious suffering that he would never accept for himself (see vivisection and experimentation on animals).

9) The Human is the only specie which consciously pollutes and destroys the environment where he lives.

10) The Human has based his entire technological civilization on fossil oil and its derivatives, despite it is obvious that oil and natural gas are not available in infinite quantity. Having not enough of them, the human is conceiving even plans to exploit resources on the Moon, and to use the gas-planet Jupiter as infinite fuel tank, to burn more gases on the small and finite atmosphere Earth.

11) There are already visions for space colonies with thousands of billions of people, which suck the energy of an entire star, up to an entire galaxy. See the ‘Kardashev Scale‘ and the ‘Dyson Spheres‘. If these are not the ambitions of a parasite specie

I define the Homo Sapiens actually as an “Intelligent specie with parasitic development”

So, don’t be wondered if until now no extraterrestrial civilization has got in contact with us
(a sociopath and parasitic specie), pleasing us with compliments “Oh, Homo Sapiens… how much you are beautiful, how much you are intelligent! How much…”. It will never happen. And for any kind of good action that the Homo Sapiens could do, there is nothing to praise, because “do positive things” is what is expected that an INTELLIGENT specie does. It is nothing more.

On Earth there are millions of species which are zoologically more interesting than us. There is no wondering if a biped specie with less specialized body has developed more intelligence. Unfortunately it employs its intelligence in the worst possible ways. We are on the top of the list of ‘Species to avoid‘.
And no extraterrestrial would come to help us, because to help a stupid people or specie is totally useless. After that the help leaves, the stupid returns to behave exactly like before. We are already able to solve our problems, if we want do it.

To a true ‘intelligent’ specie, there is no necessity to teach to have respect towards the environment, the other species, and why. An intelligent specie already know it spontaneously by alone. There is no need to be explained.

If aliens would come, they would come to interact with zoologically more interesting species, like for examples the cetaceans, which perhaps they already know since 25 million years before us, and which we used to make lamp oil and polish paste for shoes. (We will not hesitate to do it again, when oil will be out)
Indeed, I actually wonder why an extraterrestrial civilization has not yet come to wipe out the Homo Sapiens specie (and only it), to give the biosphere back to its inhabitants and let it return to its splendor, as it was before the coming of the Homo Sapiens.


On the TOP

It is common to hear that the Homo Sapiens “dominates” the Earth. But not… The Homo Sapiens dominates Nothing. The shark dominates the sea, the lion dominates the savanna, the tiger dominates the forest. The Homo Sapiens destroys. The concept of “domination” in nature, is completely different. The Human is out of the chain.

It is common to say that the Homo Sapiens is located on the top of the food chain. This is zoologically wrong! The homo sapiens is out of the food chain. It has exited from it. To be on the TOP and to be OUT, are two very different things.
There are no more predators which keep our population under control eating us or our kids, as it happens even to the cubs of lions and tigers. In nature there are not species which are non subjected to some kind of predation activity. The only one is the Homo Sapiens.
When an animal specie is no more a food source for any other specie, it exits from the food chain and it becomes completely useless in the biosphere. It is only a ballast in the system. It becomes a ‘bulky’ specie.

Therefore, when a specie develops enough intelligence to exit from the food chain, at least it should not plunder up to its destruction, the biosphere where it lives! Indeed, that specie should become the guardian, the caretaker of the biosphere. It is not happened on the Earth, and it is not going to happen, until it will be too late (as usual for our specie).
The Homo Sapiens is a too much idiot specie. The laws of his Capitalism are above the laws of nature.

As you see in these pages, I have no good opinion about the Homo Sapiens, and I see see no grounds why I should have one. All the problems which afflict the Homo Sapiens (included poverty and world hunger), all the problems which afflict the other species and the whole biosphere are directly or indirectly caused by by the stupidity of the Homo Sapiens and its oversized population.
The Homo Sapiens owns technically enough intelligence to solve the problems it has created, but it is enough stupid to don’t do it.

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