Extraterrestrial civilizations

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This is the most famous photo shot by the HST (Hubble Space Telescope). It has been shot during the pause activity of the research staff of the Hubble Space Telescope during a Christmas vacations in the early 2000 years. The staff decided to leave the shutter of Hubble open during all the vacation days, pointed to a small portion of the sky, smaller than the area covered by the moon. An area which looked completely black whit the ordinary shot exposures. After the vacation days the Hubble researchers were astonished. That small black area of the sky was filled up with spots and each of this dot is not a star, it a galaxy with billions, hundred of billions of stars! The universe contains more galaxies than it was expected.

In the light of our modern knowledge, only irreducible anthropocentric people may still be persuaded that we are the only one thinking specie in the universe. What a sad and gloomy universe would it be, if the bloody Homo Sapiens was the “best” existing specie!!

Only in our galaxy, the Milky Way there are estimated 100 to 400 billion stars. Our neighbor Galaxy, Andromeda has about 1000 billions of stars. I stop here. Don’t need to say how many billions of galaxies like these exist in the universe. I think that already one galaxy is too big to host only one ‘intelligent’ specie. But for the Homo Sapiens, with its idiot religions, it would be unimaginable trauma to discover to be not the only and the most intelligent inhabitant of the universe.

There is no phenomenon which exists only once in the universe. The laws of physic and chemistry are the same everywhere.

It is so ridiculous, but until the1990’s years the Homo Sapiens astronomers where even in doubt whether the other stars could have planets! It was object of discussion!
Dirt is everywhere and it is released also by stars during their life. I think that at the present age of the universe, there are no stars without any sort of planets spinning around them. Probably even the stars of 1st generation in the universe had already enough dirt around them to clump forming small planets.

It is likely that ‘water-carbon’ biological life is very common the universe. Water, carbon, organics substances are common substances in the universe, they are no exclusive of the Earth and Sun. Therefore very probably, life exists everywhere these ingredients are present and the environmental conditions are suitable to life for a sufficient long time. The developing of “intelligent” species requires much more specific environmental conditions and a proper selection pressure to a suitable specie. So, probably in the universe there is plenty of biological life, but very few “intelligent” species, in relation to the total existing life.

Anyway, independently than how many “intelligent” life does exist in the universe, I think that any intelligent specie would make exactly the opposite mistake in its history, than the narcissist Homo Sapiens.
In its ancient times, at a certain moment an intelligent specie realizes that all the white points which bright on the sky are stars, like the one they are spinning around.
So, due to a simple logic association, any intelligent specie would guess in the first instance:

“Oh, look at that… Here there is a star and we are spinning around it. Up there, there are thousands of stars. Thus there is someone who spins around each one of those stars! Why should it be different than here?”

I guess that any intelligent specie would grow up for a while thinking to live in a crowded universe, just because of this logical association. Without any scientific knowledge, there would be no reason to assume that around the other stars it should be different than around its own star. Only later, with the coming of astronomy and biology sciences it becomes clear that life requires specific ingredients and conditions to come up, and consequently the universe can’t be, fortunately or not, so much crowded with civilizations!

Another mistake, typical of the anthropocentric people, is to assume that an intelligent extraterrestrial specie, automatically would like to get in contact with us, the bloody and parasite Homo Sapiens! Even famous Physicians are affected by this anthropocentric bias.

Michio Kaku is a physician well known for his presence in good TV documentaries. He is also a very nice person, but he is evidently biased in direction of anthropocentrism. He promotes and hopes a parasitic development of the human specie, spreading and colonizing the whole galaxy, sucking first the entire energy of the Sun and then of the whole galaxy! It is the ambition of a parasite specie, not of an intelligent one. I say “One Specie, one biosphere”, Only when the our star reach its end of life, it is time to think to move away, but occupying always one planet at once.
Note that Michio Kaku is American:) The famous physician Stephen Hawking had the same bias.

They are very intelligent scientists, but like all the anthropocentric people, they completely miss the point about alien civilizations! They should not waste breath wondering:

“Why don’t we see any evidence of other civilizations?
Why have they not already contacted us, if they are aware about our presence?”

or saying:

“If we don’t see aliens, probably we are the only intelligent living specie”

but they should wonder:

“Why should an intelligent specie ever desire to get in contact with the parasite Homo Sapiens?”
This is the right question!

Only an anthropocentric mind can assume that an intelligent alien specie would struggle to get in contact with us.

My wondering is not whether other intelligent species exist or where do they live. My question is why they didn’t already come to wipe out the Homo Sapiens and give the biosphere back to its true inhabitants, all the other millions of species which lived undisturbed until the Homo Sapiens came.

The possible answers are only 4:

1) There are no other intelligent species in the galaxy or even in the whole universe.
2) The aliens are still not aware about our existence.
3) It is not possible to travel quickly and comfortably between stars, even not with a technology, million years more advanced.
4) The aliens are aware about us and about what we are doing to the other species, but they don’t care at all about it.

Since the answer 1 is statistically quite impossible, I guess that the correct answer is one of the remaining three. I hope only it is not the number 4)

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