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Normally, I don’t care at all about racism, since it is a problem that concerns only the Human specie. It is an artificial problem. But since in these times always more racist episode are occurring, and the word “racism” is very misused in the politic context and by the do-gooders people, I decided to write a small page also about this theme.

To mild the problem of racism, it is even under discussion whether in the Human specie “races” actually exists. White, Yellow, Black are no more “races”, but merely “ethnicities”. It is just a funny game with words. “Races” or “Ethnicities”, the substance is the same.
The mater is that there is not a race better than the others. All races are the same bad. All races are the same Homo Sapiens specie. The racial differences concern only anatomical adaptions to the climatic zones, where the races have originated. Fundamentally, black skin in Africa, pale skin in Europe and Asia. All the studies which were aimed to identify a superior race failed. 1 or 2 years ago it has been discussed on the media a genetic research which claimed that the black race would be characterized by a slight lower intelligence quotient than the white. This research revealed to be wrong, but the interesting part is that even if it was true, this difference would have been much smaller than the normal variation which occurs naturally among the general population, included inside of the white race. There are so many idiots people in the white race, that there is no reason to celebrate a party, even if in the black race there would be genetically some % more idiots… It would have no relevance at all, even if it was true (but it isn’t).
Therefore it has no sense to waste time in research aimed to determine which race might be slightly better than the others, while the natural variation inside of the same race is hugely bigger than this eventual difference. The problem are not the races. The problem is the specie!

People of the white race commit and have committed atrocious crimes too. White people committed the genocide of Jews (which are even not a race at all), the genocides in the ex-Jugoslavia war in 1995 year, in Europe. The American soldiers committed atrocious war crimes in Vietnam and in Korea, the Japanese soldiers did the same things to Chinese people. Only the scale changes, but the crime is the same. When you kill a person only because he/she belongs to a different race or category of people, the severity of the crime is the same. It doesn’t matter if you kill 1 million people or 1 person.

The white people are not better than the black people in Africa who committed many genocides in the past (Tutsi, Rwanda, ecc). White people are not better than those black/brown fanatic Islamic believers who cutoff heads of living persons. All races are Homo Sapiens.
There is no reason why a “White Power” should be better than a “Black Power”.

What creates confusion, especially to many uneducated people, is the apparently (and non-existent) connection between races and cultures. For example in Africa and Middle East, there are more primitive cultures not because the people have black or brown skin. There are such cultures, simply because in those areas, the social conditions, the climatic and environmental conditions favored the formation of this kind of cultures. If the white race was originary of these regions, the parts would be inverted! The whites would be the most primitive tribal cultured people, and the worst Islamic fundamentalists.

Therefore, stop to discriminate between races. Instead, distinguish between bad and good cultures. And the solution is not to exterminate the people who live following bad cultures. The solution is to work to change the bad cultures or eliminating the bad cultures, not the people. Cultures are just arbitrary human inventions. Don’t forget. They can be changed or replaced at anytime, like any other invention.


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