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Immigration is a central theme in these years and there is a lot of confusion about how to solve the problem.
Let’s take a look at the Brexit. As you may have read, I am an EU citizen and I am 100% pro-EU. Nevertheless I have no problems to recognize, that the UK leavers had one comprehensible reason to vote for the Brexit. Only one: the unlimited Immigration from the EU.
As you know, Great Britain, as all the Countries of the world, has a limited extension of surface. Quite not much for the UK. Thus it has also a limited amount of resources and a limited need of working power.
Therefore it should be clear, that also the number of workplaces which can be offered to the people (UK citizens or foreigners) is consequently limited.

Furthermore, a quote of unemployment is unavoidable in every Country, simply because in order to produce all the needed goods and services, it is not required that the 100% of the people in working-age is actually employed, especially if at the rate of 8-9 hours/day, 11,5 months per year. (See the section about Capitalism and Non-Capitalism).

Now, please consider that UK is constantly flowed by people coming from all the other 27 EU Countries seeking for a job. None of these thousands of EU citizens chooses UK because it is a beautiful place where to live, with a nice climate and weather. It isn’t! They choose UK just because it is geographically near to the EU, and in UK the national language is: English! The established universal language in the our world, and it is relatively easy to learn. (Try to learn German, Chinese, or Arab)

It is logic that any single Country can’t sustain a such high number of people coming form the other 27 Countries. Especially a Country with a relatively small surface.
But vote to leave the EU was not the right way to solve the problem. There would have been several more intelligent solutions. Solutions to be discussed among all the EU Countries together.
Since EU is still divided in national administrations and each Country has to care about its own financial administration, it is not fair and right that a Country should sustain with its money an excessive number of unemployed people, who are actually citizens of another Country.
Since to put limits to the freedom of movement inside the EU would be completely against the spirit of the EU project, a more proper solution has to be found together with the other Countries.

Keeping firm that people in EU are free to move and choose where they want to live inside the EU, the most reasonable solution would be something like this:

If a citizen coming from another EU Country doesn’t found a job within 3 or 6 months in its destination Country, he is allowed to continue to stay there, but his Country of origin has to overtake the welfare costs (totally or partially) for him, after that time. For example if a Greek citizen wants to stay in France, but in 3-6 months he doesn’t find a job in France, Greece has to pay the welfare costs to France (health cares, unemployment subsidy, etc…), for its unemployed citizen (fully or partly costs, with reduced free services).
If Greece has not enough money to sustain its unemployed citizens spread in the EU, a common EU fund could be created on this purpose.
Anyhow, if a citizen is unemployed, even if he stays in its Country of origin, its institutions have to sustain him in someway, if they don’t want that he becomes a thief, to steel what he needs. In a non-capitalistic system, this problem would not exist at all.


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