Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Globalization… Was Communism really that bad?

Don’t worry… the short answer is ‘Yes’. But… not on every concern…

I am not doing a revision of the history. I am not communist, I am not anarchic, and I am not nostalgic of any form of dictatorship. But yes, I admit it publicly… I am anti-capitalist! In the modern world it is even considered a deadly sin. Especially in the USA… but not… it is not any sin or anything bad at all.

The socialist and communist systems were superior to the Capitalism on ONE concern. They had explicitly the aim to provide a basic, good, standard of life to everyone. This means to provide a home, access to food, health and dental cares, as well all the basic needs, to everyone indistinctly. This would mean to provide the ground basis for a happy life to everyone.
But yes… Communism and Socialism miserably failed to achieve this, but this their basic intention is the crucial point.

Now, try to imagine for a moment, how an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization might live. It must not be necessarily technologically advanced. How do you think they would live, if they are intelligent?
Do you think that they would struggle for their entire life working 8-10 hours per day, 11,5 months per year, to finally take 2 weeks of holiday on a beach? (I don’t count the weekends. It is physiologically rest)
No, I don’t think that. Surely they don’t live in such way, otherwise they would be a stupid specie, not an intelligent one. The aim to provide a good standard of life to everyone, is the first and basic aim of any intelligent specie which grounds an intelligent civilization.

By the way, why did Communism fail?

Communism and Socialism failed, because they did everything wrong. They did really nothing in the right way. It can be summarized in three main points:

1) They denied the basic freedoms of people: freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of business, the right to own private property. Freedom of movement outside the Country, and even inside of the Country (in some communist Countries).

2) They were (or still are) dictatorships. The History shows that dictatorships never last forever. Soon or later, people have enough of them.

3) They did not make their system independent from the rules of the Monetary Economy. They didn’t abolished the use of the traditional money in their domestic system.

Under these 3 conditions there are no chances that a system could work. No way!
About the points 1) and 2) I think there is nothing to explain. You can’t say to somebody “I give you a dish of soup everyday, but you must endorse me politically and ideologically”. If one right is a right, it is for everyone, indistinctly.

The point 3) is more complicated, but not less important. Looking at why Capitalism is so bad, it will be more easy to understand.

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