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Another neglected danger, is the electric smog with high frequencies radio waves. The industry of Wireless is much welcomed in the capitalistic system. An infinite palette of wireless devices can be sold to billions of Homo Sapiens on the planet. From the more useful applications to the most idiot gadgets.

The question is that no official authority never really cared about to study the harmfulness of the permanent exposure to this high frequency electric smog. Limit the production of wireless devices is too harmful to the generation of monetary profit and the growth of the GDP in the capitalistic system.

In some case it has been possible to correlate the building of brain tumors with the high frequency radio waves (a Bluetooth headset in that case, worn 8 hours daily). It is well known that the radio waves have an increasing harmful effect with the increasing of the frequency.

WLAN, Bluethoot and mobile phones use frequencies around 2,5 GHz, the same used in microwaves ovens, just with much less power. It is demonstrated that using a handy keeping it in contact with the head, it provokes an increase of temperature of the cerebral cortex near it.

The new coming 5G technology uses up to 6 GHz frequency.

To live in spaces permanently invaded with devices radiating frequencies in the GHz spectrum could result harmful in the long time, and correlate a cancer with its cause after many years is not easy.
I personally avoid all forms of wireless connections when possible. Radio waves are a proper mean for long distance communications. Use radio waves to connect devices which lay 30cm from each others (Handys, Notebooks, mouse, keyboards, etc…) is really dumb, I find. I would recommend to use cable connection everywhere is possible, also at cost of some less cool aesthetic look. I use even no WLAN connection in my home, and I don’t live attached to a 2.5 GHz smartphone.

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