Why is Capitalism so that bad?

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Any kind of system which promotes an accumulation of something, whatever it is, can’t work on the long term. The monetary-capitalistic system lives in a heavily distorted vision of the reality.

In the Capitalistic system, the engine of everything is the generation of monetary profit. The primary purpose of any activity is not to produce a useful or necessary product or service, but it is to produce a movement of money with positive score (profit). This, regardless of whether what you are doing or producing is actually necessary or useful or not, or whether it is harmful for the environment or not.
The more later gets discovered that something is harmful to people, animals or the environment, more it is better for the monetary profit and the GDP growth, like it happened with asbestos, PVC, DDT, many drugs and chemicals. Like it is happening for glyphosat, microplastic, and probably it will happen for high frequency electrosmog (WLAN, Bluetoot, Smartphones, all wireless technologies) and with the “nano” particles, which are put everywhere, from motor oil to toothpastes, cosmetics, soaps, and even in food as dye. The important is to produce something to ‘sell‘.

Everything you see around you, small and big objects, exist only because someone could generate a monetary profit making it.
In the capitalistic system there is nothing really made for free. Even not the non-profit activities, sustained exclusively by voluntary work. At the begin of the chain, someone has had to pay (generating profit), to produce for example the food which the organization now is giving for free to the poor people, or to produce the PCs used by the organization, or to build the building where they are sitting in.
Really everything, which is not completely hand made, starting from self extracted raw materials, is not free.

Any necessary activity, which doesn’t generate a monetary profit, is undesired to the capitalistic system, and has to be closed. It is absurd for any intelligent civilization, but it is the daily life in the capitalistic system.
The dogma of the capitalistic system is to “sell“. You have to do or to invent something to sell. Something that can be monetized.

Nobody likes to waste time working uselessly, but it what millions of people do for their entire life in the capitalistic system.
A huge amount working power and working time is wasted just in the ‘sales’ department: any kind of sellers, sales agents, advertising, brokers, financial consultants, etc…
Although this huge pressure to work, even in a capitalistic system is unavoidable that a certain quantity of people remain unemployed, simply because in order to produce everything what is produced, it is not necessary the work of 100% of the people, at rate of 8-9 hours/day, 11,5 months per year.

In a capitalistic system, the most of the working power is employed in redundant or unnecessary work.
How many brands struggle to produce the same thing, trying to sell more pieces than their ‘competitors’? How many brands of TV and household devices are there on the market? How many models of TV devices do exist for the same screen size? How many washing machines? But all them do basically the same thing. The same applies to any other product. This is a huge waste of human and material resources.
The result is that people have to work 8-10 hours per day 11,5 months a year just to move money from a bank account to another, producing in prevalence useless or redundant products or services (like the people who phone you or knock on your door trying to sell you something).
This run to produce and sell, subtracts resources from the environment and produces trash without end. But the natural resources are not infinite. The space where to store trash is not infinite, the volume in the atmosphere where to store gasses burning trash and fuels, is not infinite. It is really crazy that the most of adult Homo Sapiens on the Earth are not able to get this elementary concept in their brain.

That an “infinite growth” can not exist on a finite surface (even the universe is not infinite) is actually obvious even to a 6 years old child, meanwhile all the multi graduated “economists” of the world daily cry if the Gross Domestic Product doesn’t grow up more every month!

The capitalistic system could work just until the early 1990 years. The first phase of the growth started with the industrial revolution in the 1800 years and the last phase started after the 2nd World War, when entire Countries were destroyed and needed to be rebuilt from the ground. Then came the economic boom of the ’60s years, producing cars, fridges, washing machines, radios, TVs, Hi-Fi and so on for everyone… until the 1980-1990 years… When finally everyone owned these necessary things… All the markets in the Occidental World began to be saturated and the collapse of Capitalism began.
Then capitalism had to find how to postpone its unavoidable decline. Capitalism had to find a way to continue to produce and sell goods endless, in order to continue to move money. Then the planned obsolescence has come into every product, to make the life of products shorter, in order to sell sooner new pieces.
And at last, the globalization came, to drop down the prices, in order to sell all crappy products more easily in the Occident, exploiting the low loans of workers in Asia and East Europe. But again, the raw materials and space to store trash and waste gases are not infinite.

Capitalism lives completely disconnected to the physical world where it lives in. It is based on the mirage of the infinite growth and infinite accumulation of monetary capital. It ends inevitably with the destruction of the biosphere and with the concentration of capitals in an always smaller group of people. Today the 10% of the people holds the 85% of the wealth. The gap between rich and poor people always increases and the middle class is shrinking. It is its natural evolution.
It is just a matter of time, but Capitalism will collapse. The new ‘green economy‘ is also not the magic healing. Until the generation of monetary profit is the factor which decides if something has to be made or not, the result is always a system which runs for an infinite accumulation of capital (worthless numbers in nature). The question should be only “Is this thing useful to be produced?” If yes, it is produced.
Many problems are not solved and many necessary serviced are not provided, not because there is shortage of resources, but because there is only shortage of money. Money don’t exist in nature.

Any intelligent system would run in crisis when the PRODUCTION decreases too much. Not when only the CONSUMPTION decreases. See the financial crisis due to the Coronavirus.

The fake freedom of people

The capitalistic system gives to people the illusion that they are free, but they aren’t. This is the most subtle aspect of Capitalism. Yes, to some extend the people are free to choose which job they will do, but it is like a slave which is free to choose his owner. His life will be always the life of a slave. The self employed people become often slaves of their own job.
In the capitalistic system, how many people can tell “Oh yes, I do the job which always wished do! I love my job!“. This is almost as to win a lottery. The most of people hate their job and they would stop to do it in any moment, but in the facts they are ‘forced’ to accept their hated job for 11,5 months per year, for their entire working life, in the worst cases.

In a capitalistic system the people can’t decide what they really make of their time. They don’t own their time.
Excluding 6-8 hours of sleep, the useful daytime is about 16-18 hours. Of this time, 8-10 hours are spent to work. 1/2 up to 2 hours of travel time from/to work. Plus an average of 1-2 hours for meals, washing, house cleaning, food shopping. All the activities which are not really “How you would employ your free time”.
The average working “consumer”, who comes back at home at 18:30 or later, has about only 3 hours of effective free time for himself in a day. About only the 16% of his useful daytime, and usually… after work he is tired.

The reality is that we spend the 84% of our daily time, 11,5 moths per year, working just to move money, artificial numbers from a bank account to another. If this is not slavery…
In a capitalistic system, people are ‘paid slaves’. They are free to choose how they will be slavered. People get a miserable pay, which is enough to buy just the strict necessary things and a few more, giving them the illusion to be free. As consequence, people live with the obsession to accumulate everything they can get, because later they could sell it, making money of it. It is a vicious loop.

The dream of any capitalistic slave is to have the chance to enter in a store and plunder everything he can. He would take away 100 TV sets, although he would need no more than 3-4 devices for himself in his home.

The capitalistic system transforms people in unaware avid plunders, and…

…There is no better slave than the one who thinks to be free.

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