Internet sites:

Gary Yourofsky:  One of the best vegan speaker and activist. He was involved in many operations of liberation in farms of fur animals. Finally a site which explains what the so much feared “Degrowth” is. So good for everyone, so bad for the monetary Capitalism. Vist also this page.  TROM, an existing project for a non capitalistic system.

BigWorldSmallSasha:  the blog of an anti-capiatlistic girl who is traveling around the world. Her blog contains many information. Very interesting her experience with the Venus Project, here. The URL name is ironic. On this site you can find a lot of information about the real content and nature of the Islamic “religion” (which I define better an outlaw and criminal ideology). I recommend especially this page about the Quran content, and this page with the updated and endless list of the Islamic attacks all around the world.

Something funny:
No gods no masters: I have nothing to do with this site commercially. I get no provision from them, but if you like to wear thematic T-shirts spreading your ideals, there you can find nice and funny items, especially about animal rights, atheism, and other themes.


Earthlings:  The most famous documentary movie about antispecism and veganism. It was shot in year 2005, but nothing has changed for the animals since that time.

What You Eat Matters:  An interesting documentary about the human feeding.

Dominion (2018):  A very good documentary about the treatments and living condition of animals in the industrial production of food.

Zeitgeist – The movie (2007):  Famous internet documentary about the falsities in the Christian religion, about the monetary system and other themes. Probably some Catholic believer has complained and now Youtube warns about inappropriate or offensive content!

Zeitgeist (Addendum) (2008):  Famous independent documentary about the absurdity of the monetary system. (Remark: I don’t agree in part, or even all, with some other parts of the documentary, especially the part about criminality).

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)Documentary focused on the management od resources and something about the monetary business.

Concursante (The contestant):  Amazing explanation about the mechanism of interests (and thus, inflation), unfortunately only in Spanish language. Here also with Italian subtitles.


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