The Cat, the most loved and the most hated specie on this planet

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Cats are the most misunderstood specie on Earth. They are either extremely loved or extremely hated by the Humans. Middle ways are not common. Cats are hated right for their aversion to be subjugated, their aversion to hierarchic relations, their refuse to execute commands. Instead to look at these properties as something to admire, the hierarchic Homo Sapiens sees these characteristics as something to hate. The Homo Sapiens perceives the cat as a dare. Unconsciously, the cat haters actually envy cats for these their characteristics. I think they have an inferiority complex toward cats, because cats live in a so free way, which they can’t achieve, and the cat haters feel frustrated because of this. Everyday thousands of cats are tortured and killed for fun in the most horrible ways by many idiot Homo Sapiens, right because of these characteristics. Could the Homo Sapiens be more idiot?

Many Homo Sapiens admire the big cats, like lions and tigers, but they hate cats, which are exactly the same animals, just smaller in size. Indeed, they should be glad to have the possibility to touch a cat, as well if they could touch a tiger. They behaves in the same way. The cat is just more trusty and doesn’t try to eat you.

Cat tongue (left), tiger tongue (right) and cat teeth (left), tiger teeth (right)

Many Homo Sapiens are fascinated by the Black Panther, but they hate black cats, which are the same thing, just smaller, and they are even more perfected, since cats are members of the Felis genus, the most recent and refined group of felids. In some particularly primitive cultures (spread also in the “civil” occidental Countries), thousands of black cats are tortured and killed in the most horrible ways just for fun and are “sacrificed” in satanic rituals at Halloween. (It is another mental perversion of the sick Homo Sapiens, who thinks that killing a life, he obtains something positive by another life). Also about this perversion, what do you think that an extraterrestrial civilization would think about us?

What is the cat?

Differently than the dogs, the cat can’t be defined properly a “domestic” specie. The most of the cat races haven’t been so deeply denatured, in relation to their wild relatives. In fact, the most genuine race of “domestic” cat is what is called “common house cat”, or “European domestic cat”, the cats with thousands combinations of furs’ colors and personalities.
The common “Domestic Cat”, the “Felis catus” is actually the breeding between the European wild cat (unapproachable), and the African wild cat (more approachable, the cat of the ancient Egyptians).

The result of this union is a mantel with thousands of color combinations and an extremely huge variety of characters, from the most untrusty and unapproachable feral cat to the more trusty and approachable by humans.

Download the schema as PDF document, or as editable .odg file (LibreOffice Draw file format)

Technically, what we call “Domestic Cat” is actually the union of two wild species. It is not an artificial specie. The cats who live in our homes are just a very mild selection of those wild specimens which are more trusty toward humans, but they remain a genuine wild specie inside, and it is very fascinating. Everyday many cats pay with their life this trust to humans.

Fortunately, only few cat races have been so intensively bred to disfigure the original cat specie
….and these artificially disfigured races are also considered precious by the Homo Sapiens.

The numbers one

At last, don’t forget that cats are Felids and felids are not exactly a group of species like all the others, they are one the number ones of our biosphere. Felids are at the TOP of the specialization level of carnivores. They are the most extreme carnivores. They keep the populations of many other species (herbivores, small rodents) under control.
The canids (the wolf, the fox, coyotes, dogs, etc.) have an intermediate specialization level, so they are not a so interesting category of species.

The bloody Homo Sapiens, with its perverse cult of death and killing, is strongly fascinated by the big felids, the Lion and the Tiger since ever, right because of their power to kill. The Lion is especially appreciated for it hierarchical social structure.

It is curious that many Homo Sapiens like the striped mantel of the tiger, but they depreciate the striped mantel of the “common” cat. They don’t know that the gene which gives the stripes to the cat is the same gene of the tiger! Genetically, the tiger is the most close relative of the cat, among the big felids.

Moreover, the genus ‘Felis‘ which the cat belongs to, is the most recent group in the evolution of the felids. The species of the Felis genus are the most recent species. The species of the genus ‘Panthera‘ are the more old. The middle size felids, like the Cougar and the Lynx are located in the middle way.

The species of the Felis genus are actually the most evolved and refined felids. They have overtaken all the best qualities from their ancestors, and they have furtherly perfected them.
Therefore we Homo Sapiens should be very glad if members of a so highly specialized and evolved specie is pleased to interact with us, building relations with us and thy are available to share their living space with us, living in our homes.
Yes, because all the felids, being a specie Number One, are so well equipped, that they wouldn’t need any kind of relations with specimens of other species. We should be proud to have the chance to touch a cat, which is nothing else than a perfected, miniaturized tiger. If cats were big as tigers, they would be dangerous in the same way for us.

So in reality it is exactly the opposite as it is commonly assumed. The smaller felids, the species of the Felis genus, are the most feline species! They are the numbers one of the numbers one!

Other species of the Felis genus. All wild species, of course:

Sand Cat (Felis margarita)

Black-footed cat (Felis nigripes)

Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) and the Chinese Mountain Cat (Felis bieti), the first on the right.

Another interesting consideration about the genus Felis in general, is that being the smaller in size among the Felids, the species of the Felis genus will be the only specie which will survive to the next natural big mass extinction. This because the Felis species require much less food to survive, and their favorite preys are mostly small rodents, which are the mammal species which survive better to mass extinction events. Small rodents has very low needs in food and have a high reproduction rate. The have already survived to several mass extinctions.
This of course, only if the Homo Sapiens will have not already extincted the big and medium size felids, as he is doing.

These don’t belongs to the Felis genus, but they are other two small felids:
The Andean mountain cat (Leopardus jacobita) and the Pallas’s Cat (Otocolobus manul)

The cat as invasive specie

In some contexts, the cat acts as an invasive specie. Some claims that the domestic cats which have access to free spaces are responsible for the killing of thousands of birds or other endemic fauna, putting in danger the survival of some species. These claims don’t take in consideration that the hunting territory of the domestic cats is very small. Often is not larger that its house’s garden. Therefore it is not possible that cats can kill all birds which fly above a city and be a threat for them. Furthermore, birds are not the favorite pray of cats. They prefer mice. In the most areas of the world, domestic cats can’t endanger any specie.

A little different situation is in those few areas, where feral cats don’t belong to the ecosystem and they have no natural predators, like in Australia, where there are not Eutheria mammals in the wild. In Australia feral cats could be reproduce up to become a danger for some local species, though this still under discussion.
In Australia they are killing millions of stray cats, as much as the Jews Holocaust. Aside that to kill an animal is always a crime (except unavoidable immediate self defense), to exterminate the stray cats in Australia is not the right solution. Who did bring cats in Australia? The Homo Sapiens! All the existing cats in Australia are the descendants of the “domestic” cats brought by the first settlers. Some cats became feral and spread in the wildness. Thus, the Homo sapiens is responsible for this damage, not the cat. The only proper and civil solution is to catch all the feral cats, spay them, bring them in protected reserves and let them live there. It doesn’t matter how many millions cats they are. In Australia there are 25 million Homo Sapiens. Where does the money for the spaying costs come form, I don’t care at all. It is a problem created by the Homo Sapiens, and the Homo Sapiens has to fix it, at its costs, not at cost of the life of cats. Money don’t exists in nature, they are an artificial number, and where they come from, it is not a problem of cats.


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