Jean Claude Juncker

EU has had a so original president of the EU Commission, that he deserves a page here 🙂
Without any doubts, Jean Claude Juncker is the best mascot the EU ever had! I don’t know why many people hate him. Like the most of the politicians who reach power positions in the Representative Democracy, he has his dark shadows in his career. Anyhow, this doesn’t change the fact that Juncker has been one of the most genial, eccentric and funny representative member!

I don’t agree with him about some important themes, like the politic of the open borders to the immigration from outside the EU, but I recognize that he is one of the very few politicians of our times, who is really fond with politic. Politic is a passion for him, it is not a business, or not primarily (as usual it is in the Representative Democracy)


Many of his haters spread the allegation that he is always drunk, observing how in some occasions he shows difficulty in walking correctly. These haters even don’t know that Juncker is affected by heavy issues to his backbone. Especially in one occasion, where he was sustained by two people at his side, it was clearly visible that he could even not bend his trunk.

Here I post a collection of the more funny moments which Jean Claude Junker has given to the EU, of course aside his painful issues at his backbone. Juncker was also the man who touched from behind the head of the deplorable Prime Minster of Italy Silvio Berlusconi at that time… Junker is really a myth! No doubts! We will miss your nice spontaneity.



And here some more serious moments:

Juncker gets moved when saying how he is proud to have served the Europe, at his last press conference as President of the EU Commission, on 17-18 October 2019
An interesting speech in the occasion of his last EU summit on 17-18 October 2019 (unfortunately only spoken in French or German language, without English subtitles)

I would like that also my Country could have an original Minister President like him.

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