How to improve the Human specie

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A very neglected problem is the missing of any natural selection process in the human population, since the Homo Sapiens lives in organized societies and has exited by the food chain. The missing of any selection factor is not positive for our specie, because the biological species don’t improve, without any kind of selection process. It applies also to the Homo Sapiens!

Since we live in organized societies we are no more exposed to the natural selection in an effective extent. To get food, a home and everything what we need, we don’t need to be particularly intelligent or capable. You can find some hints in this article.
The individual intelligence and skills play no more a primary role in our survival chance (and it is good in a civil society), but the side effect is that the average quality of the genetic heritage is decreasing, because there is nothing that obstacles the reproduction of those persons who in wild life would be not enough smart or health to survive and mate. Actually it happens exactly the opposite. More stupid and limited minded is a person, more his/her only activity in life is to make children.

So, how could the Homo Sapiens stop the worsening of its genetic heritage and start to improve it? It is actually simple, in theory. We should do what the nature no more does to us: select our population.
Don’t worry, there is no need to do nothing compulsory or violent. Don’t imagine apolitical scenarios where the people with not good DNA qualities are killed and burned in concentration camps, or are spayed and confined in ghetto-areas. If you are thinking as first to this kind of solutions, it is because you are a typical Homo Sapiens…

All what is needed is a good ration of common sense to everybody. As first, a screening of the population should be done about health status, genetic illness in the family, intelligence quotient, and also the social attitudes of people.
Then it is enough that the people who have not good qualities to give as heritage, get aware about it and they voluntarily, conscientiously choose to don’t make children, because making children they would damage the average DNA heritage of the specie. It would be a conscientious choice.

Of course an idiot person can generate a genius kid, and a person with a genetic illnesses can have a healthy child, but on average they spread a not good genetic heritage, and maybe the children of their children will pay this bad heritage, in a later generation. It is a matter of responsibility.
The people who have children despite their not good heritage, will have to answer to their own conscience. In many cases there is no need of a screening, to understand if it is advisable that a person would reproduce or not.

It sounds mad, but it isn’t. A voluntary selection is the only way to improve the qualities of the Homo Sapiens. Unless you prefer to recur to modify the human DNA artificially, but we are still not at that level. A voluntary selection would work good as in nature, without risks and without the need of any kind of experimentation. When and whether the Homo Sapiens will be enough mature to take this road, I don’t know.

I don’t understand why many people are so scared by the idea of this kind of selection, confusing it with the racism in some old concept of eugenics. Nobody seems to be aware that since thousands of years no more natural selection is working effectively on our specie, meanwhile we make mostly a counterproductive selection when we choose the partner to ground a family with. We mostly apply useless selection criteria. For example, women may chose their partner driven by the eyes’ color, or choosing simply the most rich suitor, anyway nothing that indicates that the partner is really an intelligent person or has a good DNA heritage. Men are also not usefully selective. Mostly, they choose simply the more pretty partner among those they find available. Thus there would be nothing bad if the Homo Sapiens would apply more useful selection criteria to the improve the quality of its specie, in absence of an effective natural selection. Our specie will not improve by itself, as gift of nature. Without a conscientious selection it can only get worse.

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