Fish, eggs and milk

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There are ‘vegetarian’ people who really think to save animal lives by not eating their meat, but eating milk, cheese yogurt and eggs. Some ‘vegetarians’ eat even fish, considering them ‘inferior’ animals in someway.
Well, about fish they are really absurd. Fish are made of flesh and like all animals with brain, they are sentient. They feel pain, they suffer when they dead slowly by asphyxiation out of the water, or when they are killed with a knife. Fishes are not different than the others animal. They just can’t scream!

About milk, eggs and cheese, the ‘vegetarians’ people ignore completely the background of the production of these products.
Animals used in the production of eggs and milk are exploited to death, living a very short life in horrible and suffering conditions.

Male chicks are normally chopped alive or killed with gas immediately after the birth, because they grew up slower than females chicks, and they don’t produce eggs.
Hens are keep alive in horrible conditions as long as they are able to produce about 1 egg per day. It doesn’t last more than 1 year. Afterward they are no more profitable and they are slaughtered. Hens in nature, live about 8 years.

Cows produce milk only to feed their calves, like the human women do for their babies. Cows are not milk stations for human use 24/24h.
Calves get separated from their mother 2 days after the birth, with extreme sorrow for both them. The milk produced by cows is entirely destined to the human consumption. If the farm doesn’t produce “white meat”, the calves are immediately killed.
If the farm produces also “white meat”, calves are feed with artificial milk until they are slaughtered. Beef meat from adults animals comes usually from cows (females), because they grow up faster than beefs (males). But this is just a detail.

In order to produce milk continuously, cows are repeatedly impregnated in loop. After 3-4 pregnancies (4-5 years) or less, cows are physically so exhaust, that they are slaughtered. 90% of the minced beef meat comes from exhausted cows coming from the milk stations. Cows would live 20 years In nature.

Therefore, if you are eating eggs and milk thinking to save lives, like if they were of your own, you are doing wrong!

Bio eggs and milk don’t save your choice too. The bio products shorten the life of the animals the same, because it is the only way to keep the sale price at an acceptable level. The animals may live just a little longer and in less worst conditions, but their premature death, is the same!
It would be actually possible to produce eggs in a completely cruelty-free way. But the farmers would have to keep all the male chicks alive, sustain their feeding and veterinary costs for their entire life (about 8 years), together with all the female chickens also after they stop to produce eggs. All this, keeping them living on grass in open spaces.
This would make eggs considerably more expensive than now, but it would be possible.
For cruelty free milk, the costs would be so high, that it would probably cost 100$ or 100€ per liter. It’s not practicable.

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